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And Les said ‘Thank you for the music…’


Two very important things make up a Les Mills program release; 1) scientifically-backed choreography to ensure we are working our bodies effectively and safely while getting an awesome workout and 2) beats – the musical kind.

The amount of time and dedication that goes into selecting music for each quarter is serious business. Our PD’s spend hours listening to music on the quest to find the perfect beat and feeling for their next release.

Why is music important to our training?

The Brunei University in London conducted a study that found music helps us get through our workouts by lowering perceived exertion in low to moderate training and reducing oxygen expenditure when exercising to the beat. When doing high intensity exercise the music won’t have an impact on lowering your perceived exertion however it will motivate you to hang in there.

Q3 music recap – let’s talk about last quarters music

Last quarter we think Glen Oestargard’s BODYPUMP 95 deserves a standing ovation for sensational music choice.

Kicking off our warm up track with Outside from house legend Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding, this electropop hit from 2014 smoothly guides us through the major muscles groups to awaken our body. The second collab for Calvin and Ellie, this track will have us singing all the way through our dead lifts and upright rows - perfect warm up song.

Our first working track, Squats, is spent with Autoerotique with the energised dance track Bukem. This track features a lot of drums and what feels almost tribal (#onetribe) vocals which will push us through and make our participants feel like the warriors they are.

For Chest Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk takes us back a year while we simultaneously tap our feet in time with our two-two chest press’ and wait for the peak where we know we are heading into some burning singles. A wise song choice for our participants to enjoy, talk about forgetting our exertion levels.

This has got to be one of the best song choices of all time for Back tracks. Beautiful World by Blasterjaxx & DBSTF featuring Ryder is soothing yet motivational. Vocalist Ryder’s husky and raw energy creates tantalising harmonies through our rows before building up with kick drum beats that will have us throwing that bar in the air like nobody’s business.

The Tricep track transitions us out of electropop and into some anthem rock with Irresistible by Fall Out Boy. Smoother than a classic rock anthem, Irresistible provides the right beat to execute perfectly timed kickbacks.

BODYPUMP 95 is all about tension training as this Bicep track to G.D.F.R (Get Down For Real) uses lots of pulses timed to Flo Rida’s use of the sax. The melody accompanied with classic rap lyrics has participants happily burning through mid-range pulses all for the sake of the rhythm.

The lunge track brings us right back to Calvin Harris & R3HAB with Burnin’ which is quite fitting really as the burn is real. This fast paced electro house track takes us through endless pulses that really has out legs ‘burnin’.

Shoulder track I Am Machine by Three Days Grace has quite a heavy rock vibe accompanied with a self-confessed aggressive sound. This track could be exactly what participants need to push them through their standing side raises and overhead presses when they have already given their shoulders a pounding.   

Did Glen choose Sugar by Maroon 5 for Abs because we have hit the sweet spot? The funk pop chart topper is times nicely to out hovers and rotating hovers and even instils a little relief.

NEEDTOBREATHE featuring Gavin DeGraw guides us through our Cool Down with Brother providing a calming tempo to breathe and stretch it all out. The song provides a feeling of triumph, like “I smashed another workout”.

Tell us how you felt about the music in Q4’s release. Which tunes were you loving?