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How to be a Mentor


Being a mentor is no easy job. You probably remember your first mentor who coached you through those early days after your Initial Training; providing feedback and giving you countless opportunities to learn, practice and improve, not to mention getting up at the crack of dawn to teach with you!

Fast forward to you now as a Certified Les Mills legend you may have been approached to be a mentor yourself, Sharon Humphreys, our Instructor Specialist Team Leader has shared some tips to get you on the road to being an amazing mentor. 

  1. Create a plan of action: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”
  2. Be there: If you have scheduled a class or opportunity for the trainee to teach, you need to move heaven and earth to be ensure you are there. Don’t let them down.
  3. Be on time: Further to this, make sure you are on time. Show your trainee you respect them.
  4. Know your stuff: Be on top of your own game. Walk the talk, be the role model, know what’s happening in your program and within the industry as a whole.
  5. Understand the learning style of the trainee. Do you remember at the start of your Initial Training Module your Trainer identified which learning style was beast for you? Talk to your trainee about what works best for them, it’s not a “one size fits all” scenario.
  6. Offer and promote opportunity: Always look for new and various shadow/teaching opportunities for the new trainee to help inspire variety
  7. Be supportive: This can be a very challenging and sometimes an emotional time for new instructors. Remember what it was like for you in the early days. Follow up, take time to check in.  Be in tune to whether the plan needs adjustment to avoid burn out. Be kind.
  8. Be the cheer leader: Acknowledge the new trainee’s development, success or breakthrough no matter how small the achievement. Progress is progress.
  9. Be honest: Offer constructive feedback. Your trainee wants to know how to perform at their best. Fluffy non authentic feedback will not help the instructor.
  10. See the deal through to the end: If you have offered your time and knowledge as a mentor, see the deal through to the end. Don’t give up on them.

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