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The Couple That Train Together Stay Together


Have you ever heard the saying “the couple that trains together stays together” or something along those lines? Well it turns out that this isn’t just some catchy quip to justify a gym partner, this is scientifically proven and here’s why…

Feel more connected
It may sound bizarre but studies have proven humans feel a greater bond and report a stronger relationship from mimicking the actions of others. Lifting weights in unison, walking at the same pace and participating in a choreographed fitness program all address our innate desire to mimic, in turn strengthening our bonds with our partner. After all, why do you think tandem bikes exist?

Share the same goals 
By sharing the same goals with your partner you have your own at home support system. You have them encouraging you to get out of bed early to hit the gym and enduring the chocolate withdrawals by your side, groaning with you about sore muscles and propping you up when you need extra motivation (talk about in sickness and in health right?). You are there to support and inspire each other which gives you a major advantage over riding solo, to achieve those fitness goals.

Spend more time together
Need a date night? Work out with your partner. Coordinate time to hit the gym, run or even go rock-climbing with your other half. Quality and interactive time spent together in conjunction with all those flying endorphins are a recipe for a better relationship. And it sure beats sitting in front of the TV with a smartphone in hand which is actually killing our relationships.

Work harder
On a subconscious level we move faster and work harder when someone is watching us, especially when we are attracted to that person. So take your dearest to your next class to act like an additional boost of motivation.

Become more attracted
When we exercise our bodies pretty much replicate what we do when we are physically attracted to someone. Sweaty palms, shortness of breath and a racing heart are all part and parcel of a steady workout sesh, and are also commonly  mistaken for signs of psyhical attraction (why do you think your Instructor looks so good?) So what better way to appreciate your sexy significant other than sweating it out together.

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