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Am I ready for Advanced Instructor Module (AIM)?


So you have been instructing for a while now and you feel pretty good about the progress you have made. You are feeling confident with your choreography, technique and coaching, and maybe you are past the knee-knocking-nerves stage but still not sure if you are ready for your Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) training.

Read the three scenarios below to see which stage of the Les Mills Journey you are on and where to go from here:

First of all congrats! Those first couple of months are challenging but also very rewarding. After taking on all of your feedback from the initial training, we generally recommend to attend an AIM1 3 – 6 months (depending on experience) after passing. If this is the first program you are training in you may wish to wait until 6 months to ensure you are ready. If you have completed AIM training in other programsyou may be ready a little sooner! For upcoming dates in your area and focus on the feedback you were provided at your module. Ask you mentor for feedback and keep practicing! AIM1 is also your opportunity to achieve your globally recognised Certifcation.

I certified via video about a year ago

By this stage you feel pretty confident Instructing and are competent in the 5 key elements. The next stage in your journey is to attend an AIM1 to take you to that next level. “I would  recommend an AIM to all Instructors. The module gives you the opportunity to perform in front of a qualified trainer and receive feedback to perfect your instruction. It also gives you the tools to deliver a world class workout every time you teach.” Hannah, BODYATTACK® AIM qualified Instructor.

I am an Instructor who has attended AIM 1

You may be looking to take your fitness career to the next level. Attending an AIM2 is a great way to make your mark in the industry especially as a Les Mills Instructor. Aspiring Trainers, Presenters and Assesors are chosen from the pool of Instructors who have achieved an Elite result from AIM2 to audition when vacancies appear.

At AIM2 you will:

  • Deepen your connection with what you teach and why you teach it
  • Consistently produce great experiences for your classes and for yourself
  • Maintain the leading edge in group fitness instruction
  • Reinvigorate your teaching career without burning out

If you require any further guidance about your Les Mills Journey or which upskill is right for your stage of development, contact our Instructor Specialist (+612 6282 8192 or to discuss your options.

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