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The three pillars of exercise


In the past, exercise programs seemed to fit a this or that approach. You would either be a runner or a weight lifter, a swimmer or a yogi; how things have changed. Today we are encouraged to train in the three pillars of exercise; cardio, strength and flexibility, to gain the complete benefits.

Here are three reasons why you should use both GRIT™ Series with BODYBALANCE® in your training; a combination you may not have considered before.  

Get ALL your muscles working

The body uses two types of muscle fibres; fast and slow twitch. Slow twitch muscle fibres are activated in steady state training, think BODYBALANCE® or jogging. Fast twitch fibres on the other hand are recruited for explosive and high intensity exercises, such as jumping, sprinting or GRIT™. It is important that you train both fast and slow twitch muscle fibres for holistic results, after all you wouldn’t train just the left or right side of your body would you? 

BODYBALANCE® is perfect for engaging your slow twitch fibres, by holding poses such as Warrior in the Standing Strength 1, or a Plank in Sun Salutations, your muscle endurance is tested and developed while providing you with functional gains for your day to day life.

Doing GRIT™ twice a week is the most effective way to engage your fast twitch muscle fibres. By loading, sprinting and jumping throughout the program, your body triggers the fast twitch fibres increasing your strength and power, and giving you noticeable muscle definition.

Weight training aids flexibility

It is a common misconception that lifting weights will decrease your flexibility when in fact many studies have proven it actually increases flexibility when using a full range of motion.  In the mid 1900s athletes were told not to lift weights as it would hinder their flexibility and in turn performance, but this myth has been squashed many times over in case studies from around the world, and in particular a study which came out of the University of North Dakota. In short, the study determined that there was no significant difference in the increase in flexibility between those using weight training and those using static stretching. 

Flexibility training fundamentally stretches and lengthens the muscle fibres in the body. David Geier, Director of Sports Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina says, “The longer these fibres are, the more you can increase the muscle in size when you do your strength training.” It seems , flexibility training is a great way to build the foundations of bigger and stronger muscles. 

GRIT™ Strength utilises full range of motion resistance and weighted exercises throughout; adding to all those hours spent increasing your flexibility in BODYBALANCE®. 

Cardio to appreciate mind body 

Cardio is probably the first thing we are told to do in order to improve our health and increase fitness. Exercise in general aids all our movement and enjoyment in everyday life - cardio will aid your movement and enjoyment in Mind Body Soul programs. Drawing from Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, BODYBALANCE® requests diaphragmatic breathing to gain the most out of this program. The higher your aerobic fitness and lung capacity the easier it will be for you to master both the skilled positions of BODYBALANCE® in conjunction with correct breathing. GRIT™ and in particular GRIT™ Cardio, dramatically increases your v02 max, meaning your can work at higher levels of intensity for longer as well as working harder in lower intensity training to get the most out of each session. 

It seems the better we get at one thing, the better we will get at another. The body is a unit, and works best when we train everything, not just particular sections. The combination of GRIT™ and BODYBALANCE® addresses the three pillars of exercise and you can see how once you improve in one area there will be a domino effect into other areas. For total functional results, also add a core training program, like CXWORX® to your training schedule, read The Core of Training for reasons why.