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BORN TO MOVE™ - The Program


There's absolutely no doubt that kids need exercise, and that most kids aren't getting enough. Less than one-third of kids aged 6 to 17 get at least 20 minutes of daily exercise in one form or another compared to the Australian Government recommendation of 1 hour per day. We are sure you agree, this is tragic considering the multitude of short and long term health benefits children can gain from a regular exercise regimen.

Australian Children are at the greatest risk of becoming sedentary adults. Sedentary habits are becoming one of our most important battles with the growing range of sedentary alternatives to physical activity.

  • An estimated 1.5 million people under the age 18 are considered overweight or obese. This means about 20-25% of Australian children are overweight or obese
  • Children are getting less aerobic exercise. The amount of aerobic fitness is decreasing about 0.4% a year
  • Between 1985 and 1997 obesity levels in the population doubled. While obesity increased 2-4 times, being overweight increased 60-70%. This shows signs not just of increasing, but accelerating
  • If weight gain continues the path it is following, by the year 2020, 80% of all Australian adults and a third of all children will be overweight or obese
  • 50% of obese adolescents continue to be obese as adults

We’ve all read these grim statistics. The current epidemic of physical inactivity threatens to burden health systems, slow economic growth and stunt human potential. With BORN TO MOVE™ we’re determined to reverse that trend and improve the next generation’s quality of life by establishing healthy patterns and instilling in young people the importance of keeping active throughout life.

Les Mills Asia Pacific are hugely excited about embarking on a mission to get Australian kids moving. We want to inspire children to develop a lifelong love of movement.

BORN TO MOVE™ provides a safe place for children to be active and learn basic foundation movement skills: running, jumping, finding a beat and dancing to it, punching, kicking, balancing, or just resting on the floor.

Children do this instinctively, but as we age, we are educated out of our bodies and find ourselves stuck at a desk or in front of the TV. LES MILLS BORN TO MOVE™ features music that children love and teaches them the joy of movement. The magic they experience in a BORN TO MOVE™ class will set them up for a fit, fun-fuelled, happy and healthy life.

Great music is a critical part of the package that encourages children to return every week - and they won’t come back if it’s not cool. LES MILLS works with teenagers to come up with music lists that they and their friends are listening to right now.

It’s important children WANT to come to these classes…to feel a sense of ownership, a sense of place–where it just feels right for them and their friends. The classes are specifically age appropriate both musically and developmentally, so children can relax and have fun.

Young people experience fitness differently from adults. For them, physical activity is about feeling good rather than looking good. It’s about the joy of self-expression and the thrill of discovering and mastering new skills and exploring what they are truly capable of.

If we ignite a love of movement in children while they are young, we can transform attitudes and create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. However, to do that we must provide them with an offer that meets their needs and that they and their friends will actively seek out and want to be a part of.

Research from Les Mills International has identified five fundamental factors that separate the ordinary from the outstanding when it comes to delivering fitness experiences that motivate and inspire young people. These can be summarized as;

  1. Make it fun
  2. Make me feel like I belong
  3. Make it right for my age and stage
  4. Give me a sense of achievement
  5. Keep me physically and emotionally safe

Each BORN TO MOVE™ class has been developed to meet these fundamental needs through the selection of fun, age appropriate music and choreography. The unique program for teacher education creates child engagement experts who can deliver an outstanding experience in every class.

Co-created by and for young people, BORN TO MOVE™™ is for ages 2 – 16 years. The continuous series features five age group classes with age appropriate moves and music that foster and cement positive physical habits.

2 - 3 YEARS

  • This is a 30 or 45 minute class in which a parent or caregiver also takes part.
  • The music is written for the class with lyrics that act as sung instructions, leading children through simple moves that build body awareness and balance.
  • The emphasis is on fun as kids develop awareness of their bodies.

4 - 5 YEARS

  • Children in this age group are gaining more effective control over movements and have vivid imaginations.
  • This class of 45 or 55-minutes is written to involve them in the narrative.
  • They develop self-awareness, balance, weight transfer and concentration skills while learning how to interpret music, explore and move to a beat.

6 - 7 YEARS

  • A world of playful movement, music and games
  • This class introduces fundamental movement skills using fun rather than formal exercise routines
  • Children of this age are primarily visual learners and emphasis is on easy to copy moves
  • The content is co-created with young people and music is drawn from their world


  • A world of themed movements and playful character role play, the 6-7 dance class incorporates imagery to enhance the imaginative experience
  • The music is specially created with lyrics for calling the choreography
  • The songs encourage children to sing along which in turn helps them learn the choreography

8 - 12 YEARS

  • A dynamic, games and movement experience: this class is around 30 or 45 minutes long
  • The teacher leads the class in a series of foundation fitness moves taken from dance, martial arts, plyometrics, sports training and yoga
  • The music is current music that children will want to move to

13 - 16 YEARS

  • Expressive action and energy: this 30 or 45 minute class draws from the disciplines of martial arts, hip hop, sports conditioning, plyometrics, dance and yoga
  • Co-created by teenagers for teenagers, the music tells them they are in the right place
  • This class is led by a trained instructor who can pick and mix from a constantly updated toolbox of tracks to keep things interesting


Bringing BORN TO MOVE™ to your facility?

BORN TO MOVE™ will be available for licensing in gyms, schools, and sports and recreation centres.

For all BORN TO MOVE™ licensing enquiries please contact Miriam Jaclyn Cohen at or 02 6215 8109

How do I become a BORN TO MOVE™ Teacher?

BORN TO MOVE™ teachers should have a high degree of empathy, enthusiasm and a willingness to engage with young people. They need to be role models who will be worked with through an intensive two day module training to develop the skills necessary to engage and motivate young people.

The first round of BORN TO MOVE™ Module Training  is due to roll out at the beginning of November 2013.
Check out here for more details
Alternately, contact Haidee Stevenson at or 02 6215 8118

“We have taken the first step, will you help us run with it?”…. Dr Jackie Mills