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5 Reasons you're not getting the most out of your BODYPUMP® class


Deciding to become an Instructor and changing the lives of hundreds, sometimes thousands, is no mean feat.

Our participants come to class to look and feel better, to justify that piece of chocolate cake, or challenge themselves to do better than they did yesterday. They keep coming back because they enjoy the workout and hopefully us in particular as Instructors. 

We know the moves and choreo associated with our programs, and while some of our participants are new to the moves, others think they have them down pat. But do they? 

How do they know they're doing it right? Are they lifting the right weights? Do they have the right load on the bike? Are they engaging their core? 

We want them to keep coming back, but if they're not seeing the results or using the right technique, they're setting themselves up for failure. 

So.. this month we're looking at BODYPUMP® and the top 5 reasons your participants might not be getting the most out of their BODYPUMP® class as written by blogger Chase of The Chase Project

Be sure to check in with your participants, correct their technique where you can, or see if your club can add a 15 or 30 minute technique session before your class starts to the timetable, so you can ensure all your participants are set up for success and getting the most out of their workouts.