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10 Signs you are in love with Les Mills


In today’s society it feels harder than ever to figure out what our heart is trying to tell us. Words like ‘obsessed’ and ‘gym-junkie’ get thrown around when the word committed (or in my view ‘in love’) may be wholly more appropriate. Here at Les Mills we have developed a test, answering the question how do you know when you are committed in love?

  1. You plan your week according to which classes you want to do attend. ‘Sorry mum, we will have to reschedule your birthday, I do RPM™ on Thursdays.’
  2. Songs remind you of tracks from Les Mills classes, not romantic or significant moments in your life. Give yourself a bonus point if you then do the choreography in your head while listening to it.
  3. You always have your gym bag just in case the opportunity arises to do an extra BODYSTEP® class. Kind of like shaving your legs ‘just in case’.
  4. You own more gym clothes than you do work clothes. You don’t own a basic pair of black dress shoes but you have 14 pairs of runners to pick from. When would I wear dress shoes anyway?
  5. You start categorising times in your life according to release numbers. For example, “that happened right around the time of BODYPUMP® 53”.
  6. You find excuses to bring up Les Mills in conversations. For example, Your Friend: “Have you seen the Karate Kid?” You: “I do BODYCOMBAT® on Tuesdays”, to which your friends says “why don’t you just marry Les Mills”  and you think ‘I so would if I could’.
  7. After a stressful day at work there is nowhere else you would rather be than in the sweet embrace of a BODYBALANCE® class because no one understands you like an entire track devoted to relaxation.
  8. You actually get a little offended when people say they aren’t into Group Fitness, and spend the following 20 minutes listing all the things you love about it. And you no longer trust their book and movie recommendations, because you feel like they just don’t get you.
  9. You find yourself doing things you never would have considered before, like setting your alarm for 5am to get in a workout before work. And even more shockingly, you actually enjoy doing it!
  10. A cancelled class makes you go through the 5 stages of grief;