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When is the best time to train?


There really is no blanket rule for the best time of day to train. There are many advantages of each time, so it is important to find the right time of day to suit you and your lifestyle.

Below are five points to consider when determining the best time to train:

1. Are you a morning person or an evening person?
Every sleeping being on earth is guided by ‘chronotype’, which basically determines if you feel most awake and alert in the morning or the evening. Guided by our circadian rhythms, your ‘chronotype’ may be pre determined by your genes, meaning trying to become a morning person when you just can’t open your eyes may just not be worth the reward. So find when you are most on the ball, morning or evening and train then.

2. The best time is when you can
When you do determine your ‘chronotype’ the most important factor to consider is still when you can actually get to the gym or your workout. Some may find that 6pm for example is the best time for them (determined by their chronotype) to workout, but are still at work at 7pm five nights a week. Individuals will receive far greater gains by simply going when they can if their mental or motivational peak isn’t really an option.

3. We are stronger in the evening
Studies have proven that people generally feel stronger in the afternoon to evening, than in the morning. As a result strength training is recommended for these sessions. We also experience higher pain tolerance, heightened levels or coordination and stamina and higher lung performance in the afternoon and evening.

4. Will exercising before breakfast result in higher fat loss?
In theory if you exercise before breakfast, your body will use fat stores instead of glycogen for energy, meaning you will have a higher level of fat loss than training after breakfast. However in saying this, if you eat before training you will be able to exercise at higher intensities and in turn be able to burn more calories.

5. Exercise when travelling
Exercising when you are travelling, whether it be for work for pleasure, can be really hard to maintain. Read some tips and tricks from the below fitness blogs for some fitspo.