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How do you learn your chorey?

how do you learn chorey
how do you learn chorey

Tips from the trainers

Everyone seems to have their own little tricks when it comes to learning choreography. What is a sworn by method for one may just not work for another. Louise, Emma and Steve share tips they use to remember it all.

Louise Ullah, BODYCOMBAT® Presenter, BODYJAM® and SHBAM® Trainer

“First I participate in the new release, by attending quarterly workshops or putting the video on and doing it at home and I start listening to the music on repeat. 

Next, with the presenter voice on, I go through each track separately. Then I turn off the presenter voice and keep physically going through track by track in front of mirrors. By this point, I know what parts I cannot remember so I listen to the music again. 

I lose the headphones and I close my eyes, I picture the movements and I can truly hear the music in my head, this is when I start to connect with it. Then, every now and again an eye opens to see if I'm correct with the choreography. 

I don't remember things from the notes but I'd be lost without them. Usually at night, with headphones on I read through each track. Still using the video with presenter voice off, I physically do the whole thing in front of mirrors and by this point I'm quietly confident I know it. 

I listen to the music, everywhere I go. I say cues out loud. This is how I really know if I've learnt it well and I feel much more confident teaching a new routine for the first time because I've already cued it out loud (normally looking like a bit of an idiot). 

Finally I do more mirror work with music only and if I'm lucky, with a buddy to make it more fun and you'll find that each of you has picked up something that the other hasn't.” 

Emma Vandendergh Trainer in BODYPUMP® and CXWORX®

“The easiest and most successful way I learn chorey is to remember, it all starts with the MUSIC! 

I listen to the music a lot, become really familiar with the changes in the music - because I know the chorey will match this. 

I then like to just participate with the video to feel the workout in my body .. Lastly, I get the chorey notes out and match it with the music.. I find when I do it this way, it is committed to memory quite quickly.”


Steve Cluff, BODYATTACK® Trainer 

“It's so important to watch the video before attempting to learn the choreo as there's a lot of science behind why we do what we do. Choreo is no longer just throwing together some moves that fit the music because it looks and feels good for most programs, the moves and (tempos in some programs) are purposefully picked to match the track objective, training focus and bring the music to life. One should never assume they know what is going on just from looking at the notes, you'll miss things and look like a muppet. Watching the video and closely paying attention to the notes ensures you keep up to date with your teaching.

The other thing is that even if you are a strongly visual and or a strongly auditory learner, it's really important for everyone to practice a new release or at least the new moves so they can feel the move and the training effect it has on the body. If you don't, you don't really know what you're coaching.

In a nutshell... Watch the video, get to know the music intimately, learn the choreography, practice out saying it out loud until there's no thought required and understand the science behind the choreography for each track.”