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My Mum the BODYBALANCE® Teacher


This article has been replicated exactly as provided by 8-year old Caide who expertly hand-wrote the story of her Mum’s first module to become a BODYBALANCE® instructor. Happy Mother’s Day to all our mums and mums-to-be out there.

Hi, my name is Caide. And I am going to tell you about how my mother became a teacher for body balance. So lets start my mothers name is Adelle. And she has been working very hard in two weeks to become a teacher for body balance. When she was practicing the moves and the words I was her pretend class. On the hovering part my tummy is loose so mum tells me to keep it tight. When it comes to bird in a basket mum can’t do it but I can. My favourite of her two tracks is warrior. It was very tiring but fun.

Finally her module for the weekend came. My mum was a bit nervous but excited. She bought some snacks for the trip and she bought energy drinks, lolly snakes, medicine and nut bars. On Saturday during mum was at the module in the morning me and dad and Eli went for a cycle at the park when we were back home we were exhausted at six o’clock mum came home. She was exhausted. I helped dad make a nice dinner for her after dinner mum got in a nice hot deep bubbly bath and had a nice and early sleep.

The next morning she left early. After lunch, me, dad and Eli went to a club. While Eli played on the playground dad bought me dessert then we went home. When mum got back she was even more exhausted but she passed. Well done mum. I felt very proud of her. We celebrated with a nice Italian dinner and now mum sometimes teaches at the gym for body balance.

One day when I grow up I’d like to be a teacher like mum but my program will be body jam.

By: Caide Spandow


Caide is 8-years old attends ballet, plays netball and is learning the violin. Caide loves going school and enjoys writing and playtime. She is also a very proud big sister to Eli (19 months).