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Build A Stronger Connection In Five Easy Steps

les mills environment
les mills environment

Discover the secrets to creating an atmosphere that everyone wants to be part of. 

Boutique cycling studios are growing fast. They earn more than twice as much per customer, generate thousands of attendances a week and are some of the most lucrative spaces in the industry. 

These boutique clubs are the masters of creating environments so emotionally and socially engaging that consumers feel like they want to be there for more reasons than just fitness. Boutiques invest serious effort and resources in building a team of highly motivating instructors. 

Class numbers grow when powerful relationships are created between instructors and participants. When you get members into a group fitness experience, the moves and instructors create connection. The instructor’s job is create an atmosphere in their class that everyone wants to be part of. 

Five things all cycling instructors need to know and do in their classes to ensure success:

  1. Ensure all members have the correct bike set up
    New members should be arriving to class five minutes early so instructors can guide them through correct bike set up. Ask if anyone is new upon arrival and spend one-on-one time with them ensuring their set up is correct. 
  2. Coach to the people in front of you 
    Whether they are beginners, intermediate or elite riders. Identify who is who and provide lots of options for all present. Be clear with the set-up, demo a move and use lots of options. Encourage participants through the workout and call out cues to change intensity. Give new members the option take a break when they need to, or leave halfway through the class. 
  3. Approach your members with respect and care
    These people have made an effort to come to your class, to exercise with you. When you treat people with care and enthusiasm it changes the energy in the room. Make sure you get to the studio early and chat to people before class starts. Imagine your class as friends who you want to help. Being open, approachable, and respectful of all types of people is the foundation of connection.
  4. Learn names 
    It’s not easy to remember lots of people’s names – it takes practise. Try writing people’s names down in a book and looking at it before class. Repeat their name three times in conversation to help fix it in your mind, or try associating their name with something memorable. Do not underestimate the power of a name.
  5. Create a class that no one wants to miss
    Nail your choreography, role model perfect technique and coach your class members to achieve more than they could on their own. Ensure they are exercising safely and working hard.