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How to Keep Your New-Year's-Resolution-Members

How to Keep Your New-Year's-Resolution-Members
How to Keep Your New-Year's-Resolution-Members

The New Year is just around the corner and before you know it, you will have an entourage of fresh-faced, new-years-resolution-focused, motivated and ready-to-go members knocking at your door. Excellent! 

But have you thought about how you will retain these new members once the initial wave of motivation wears off? 

Cater to your Millennials
Thirty nine per cent of those in their twenties will succeed in achieving their New Year resolutions opposed to only fifteen per cent of over 50’s (Stephen Sharpino). Capitalise on the fact that you will have more Millennials sticking it out and keeping their membership than your boomers. Offer an environment and programming they want to be in. See Are you catering to your biggest market opportunity for more information. 

Refresh your Group Fitness timetable
Download the latest Les Mills timetable logo’s on e-club, and create a fresh design to entice your members into Group Fitness and keep them hooked. Publish who is teaching what class; participants identified ‘the Instructor’ as one of the top three most important factors when going to a Group Fitness class (AC Nielson Research, 2014). 

Deliver express classes too 
Les Mills classes can be delivered in 30 or 45 minute formats; a great option for lunch time gaps and express exercisers. Need help with your timetabling? Contact your Account Manager today.

Use these three tips to create a modern environment and entice New-Years-Resolution-members to stay. Still need some inspiration? Contact your Account Manager for one on one business support. 


Update your equipment
Having the latest equipment motivates your members, gives your club a professional edge and provides you with another great selling point. Members want access to modern and professional equipment, check out Les Mills SMART TECH for elite barbells, weights and steps. We also have Don Oliver barbells and weights available.