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Are you catering to your biggest market opportunity?

Are you catering to your biggest market opportunity?
Are you catering to your biggest market opportunity?

It might seem pretty obvious, but many in the fitness industry are ignoring the fact that 76% of regular exercisers are aged between 18 and 34. Nicknamed ‘Millennials’, this demographic is a powerful force and should be at the forefront of your business planning mind. Why? This segment is 2.5 times bigger than Generation X (35 to 49 years) and 6 times bigger than Baby Boomers (50 to 60 years), and are changing the game of the fitness industry.

What makes them tick?

Millennials are different from other generations in regards to their fitness motivations. Generation X and Boomers want to know exercise is good for them and provides health benefits to live longer, healthier lives. Millennials are far more aesthetically minded, they want to know exercise will get them in shape and help them to achieve their fitness goals. 

Les Mills Jnr, Program Director of Les Mills GRIT™ Series says “Millennials want to be around like-minded people of the same age. When it comes to exercise they want to get in, get results and get out. They’re looking for short workouts and bang for their buck.”

What do you need to offer them?

Provide authentic and challenging results-driven training that offers variety and motivation. Les Mills GRIT™ was created specifically to meet this demand, providing a team training workout which challenges and motivates this market segment like no other. 

Small Group or Team Training can also act as an additional revenue source for your facility. Millennials are willing to pay for effective fitness experiences and often pay several different memberships/fees in search for authentic and enjoyable fitness experiences across different venues. 

The POWER of Les Mills GRIT™ Series

Tips to communications with Millennials?

  • Use social media as your primary mode – it is the highest used platform by Millennials to send, share and receive information
  • Keep messages personalised, organic, short and honest
  • Use edgy and creative images that keep up with trends 
  • Use words that illustrate their needs- think challengingresults and fast.
  • Keep your messaging short; no more than a sentence or two on social media
  • Give details; when, where, how much. Millennials won’t search for information. 
  • Show videos of what your offering looks like 

Grit Pic

Example of Social media images available for licensed facility use. 

Les Mills eClub offers a range of online and print marketing tools, updated quarterly for all programs you are licensed in. Head online to utilise materials in your club 

About GRIT™ Series

Les Mills’ High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program, GRIT™ is scientifically proven to get your members fitter, faster. The series is delivered in 30-minute high intensity blasts; workouts are demanding, but they’re over quickly. Each session alternates between short bursts of high intensity exercises and recovery periods – the best way to increase fitness, tone muscle and lose fat. HIIT is no longer a supplementary offering to broaden your offering, but a must have to stay competitive in today’s fitness industry. 

GRIT™ Strength will blast all major muscle groups, sending your metabolism into overdrive to burn fat for hours after the workout. It also stimulates the production of growth hormones reducing fat and helping develop lean muscles.

GRIT™ Plyo combines the principles of plyometrics to build power and increase speed and leg strength, GRIT™ Plyo is an intense plyometric-based workout that gets results fast! Power agility training transforms type two muscle fiber and produces a lean athletic shape while increasing muscular endurance and stamina. 

GRIT™ Cardio is an explosive, high-impact body weight based workout maximising calorie burn within the workout and burning fat for hours afterwards.

To find out more about Les Mills GRIT™ visit or call us on +61 2 6282 8192