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Recruiting and Driving Your Members Online

Recruiting and Driving Your Members Online
Recruiting and Driving Your Members Online

Are you maximizing your website to its potential?

Your website is the first impression a member or prospective member will have with you online.  The first few seconds a visitor spends on your site will determine whether or not they’ll give you their business or be a repeat visitor to your site.

View it like a date – if you meet up with a ‘dud’ you won’t go on a second date. You want to get the second date so you can tell them more about why you should be in their life.

Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your website.

  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate through – relook at your site map and don’t be afraid to ask your members for feedback
  • Ensure all the products and services you offer are incorporated in to the site. View it as a ‘one stop shop’, but try not to overwhelm your audience
  • Is your timetable available, easy to find and up to date?
  • If you need to register for any of the classes, can this be done online?
  • Can potential members purchase a membership online? Update their details etc?
  • Troll through your site and make sure all the links on your site are working
  • Do you supply up to date contact information if your audience wants to touch base with you?
  • Tell the audience what you can do for them and why they should give you their time.  You want them to walk away and feel they got value from the time they spent with you, that they have more to explore from your site
  • Include case studies, interviews and video content on your site. This will not only bump up your search rankings, but cater for your audience and the different ways people consume information
  • Have you included links to your social media sites? This is another way to touch your members - everyone consumes information differently
  • Is your website smart phone compatible? With smart phones now rivaling computers as to how information is consumed make sure you’re appealing to this market
  • Any images should be inserted at web resolution, this will ensure that your site loads quickly and results in a better customer journey
  • Try and update your content on a regular basis. The more you update your content the more search engines will recognize you

If you want to keep an eye on your site, how many unique visits you get, where your audience is coming from, monitor activity and if you advertise online, see your ROI, Google Analytics is a great free tool.

A great idea is to include testimonials and research to back up what you’re saying. You can find videos on each of the Les Mills programs on our website and research on each of the programs will be live on our site in the next month.

Happy Dating!