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Where To Use SMARTTECH In Your Facility

Where To Use SMARTTECH In Your Facility
Where To Use SMARTTECH In Your Facility

LES MILLS SMARTTECH has been designed to integrate in to any facility and through a number of Group Fitness, High-Intensity Interval Training and Personal Training sessions.

With quick and easy transitions and increased stability, both the SMARTBAR™ and SMARTSTEP™ are designed to maximize your workout.


SMARTBAR™ is the product of three years of intense customer insight which focused on creating a barbell that could deliver maximum results.
Gym members were struggling to transition weight plates during tracks and we discovered that they would be more willing to push up their weights if they could transition up and down more quickly.

With the new SMARTBAR™ transition times are reduced to seconds with plates sliding straight on with no need for clips.Standard barbell products put unnecessary stress on wrists during clean and press. So we designed SMARTBAR™ with rotating ends to relieve this stress  and aid muscle isolation. The result… SMARTBAR™, which has been recognized for the Best Design Award in New Zealand and Winner of the Red Dot Design Awards.

Extensive research was also done in to how steps are used as well as a competitive analysis of step products currently available in the marketplace. Users complained about the unstable surface of many traditional steps. The risers did not lock into the deck and the step would slide on the floor. SMARTSTEP™ is strong and stable, with risers that lock securely into place and do not slip on the floor. Users can leap on it with confidence – enabling them to focus on getting the most out of each move. To help minimise transition times, SMARTSTEP™ risers lock into the deck so that you can pick the unit up in one piece. It is also the only step with soft edges and contoured sides, making it both easier and more comfortable to carry.
With SMARTSTEP™, users can focus on their workout and not have to think about their equipment.

SMARTTECH equipment is ideal for Group Fitness, High Intensity Interval Training and Personal Training. The equipment is designed with a high level of scalability and aimed at reducing your total equipment cost of ownership in the long term.

To get SMARTTECH in your facility, email