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Top Facebook Tips for Clubs


Facebook...yet again? 
Everyone and anyone (well, almost) are on Facebook. We have all had experiences with it. Be it good or bad, we have to admit having a Facebook page is almost like an accessory which we can't do without. No matter what, there are benefits for clubs to be using this platform to connect with their members. Here are just some quick tips for you on how to set yourself up for success.

Create a Facebook page (
If you don’t already own one, this is a great way for you to establish a forum for you to reach out to your members. Members will be able to post interesting pictures and videos as well as express any feedback that is either positive or negative. While you might be instantly worried about receiving negative feedback it can actually be an opportunity for you to communicate to your members. By responding actively via social media will portray a good responsible image for your club.

What do you put in your Facebook page - Plan out what you intend to post on different days of the week. An easy way will be to schedule different days by themes such as:

  • Monday:  Did You Know Nutritional facts
  • Tuesday: Club Happenings Videos
  • Wednesday:  Lunch Workouts
  • Thursday: Share something that has gone viral that relates to your business
  • Friday: Member/Fan of the Week
  • Saturday: Success Stories (show before and afters!)
  • Sunday: Family Get-togethers

The trick is to post at least once a day and rotate different posting formats i.e. videos, photos, polls and links. You can also be flexible and post adhoc pictures of your club, new equipments purchased, renovations/refurbishments and class or timetable updates.

How to engage your members ?

  • Include descriptions that are open-ended questions i.e. Showcase a photo of newly acquired equipment and insert "Tell us if you would like to see this in our club?"
  • "LIKE if you are serious about fitness!"
  • Utilize Facebook functionalities such as creating events or polls to spark conversations
  • Let your members know what's happening in the club  - get your members to like the  page and use it to share frequent updates about the club such as:
  1. Timetable changes
  2. New program launches
  3. Testimonials and success stories (before and after photographs work very well!)
  4. Newly appointed instructors

Club Engagement - Get not just yourself but also all your staff and instructors engaged, train them to interact with members and share tips and knowledge:

  • Start by responding to members of how great of a workout session it was
  • Entice and motivate members on Facebook to visit the club
  • Offer free passes to potentials

This is also a good way to keep your reception staff busy during non peak hours.

Love it or hate it, Facebook is where many of your members hang out. Using your page to connect with your members goes a long way to building a great relationship.

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