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Spring Clean Your Marketing

Spring Clean Your Marketing
Spring Clean Your Marketing

Eyes are watering, noses are itchy and we’re sneezing up a storm…it must be Spring; and with the warmer weather tugging at oversized jumpers and Michelin man jackets exposing the Winter *ahem* insulation more and more bodies start to make their way to your facility.

With members now motivated to get back to the gym, it’s also a great time to channel that motivation with some sprucing up of your own. Miriam Cohen, LES MILLS Regional Account Manager for Victoria has shared 3 promotion ideas that can be quickly (and inexpensively) implemented:

21 day challenge

Running a short challenge is a great way to get new members “kick-started”. It can be as simple as 21 healthy changes in 21 days, such as going for a walk for 30 minutes, learning to use a new piece of equipment or trialling a LES MILLS Group Fitness/Small Group Training class. Get creative, the premise behind the challenge is that it provides members some structure in the early days after they have come out of hibernation and it all seems too hard. The beauty of a 21 day challenge is that it takes 21 days to form a habit; a bonus for business as it has been proven that if a member attends a facility at least twice per week in the first month of joining, it is more likely they will remain a member for longer.

Create a marketing campaign

Create an instant marketing campaign by framing your communications (posters, emails, newsletters etc.) around a single idea. A timely angle to take now is ‘Winter weight gain’ - this year Australian’s gained 15 million kilograms over winter a NSW Food Authority study found. Nearly half of all Australians (53% of men and 38% of women) put on an average of 2-3 kilograms over winter. To target these individuals, an example for a marketing campaign could be centred around: ‘Lose unwanted kilo’s before Summer!’

Set a team challenge

While shedding Winter weight, improving fitness and general health should be motivation enough to prompt action, it can be a long and sometimes lonely road for your members to see the results they want. To help combat this, why not set up a training group for a specific event that members can aim for along their journey? Getting teams together for events creates a community at your facility: it’s easy to leave a gym, it’s hard to leave your team-mates. Scour the local paper, jump on Google and find events in the local community that you and your members can aim for: think fun runs, half marathons, Tough Mudder, triathlons etc.

Sprucing up your facility for Spring (or any season) doesn’t have to be hard – set yourself a goal, focus your attention, and just START.
For more ideas contact your Regional Account Manager on +61 2 2682 8192 or email:

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