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Positioning LES MILLS GRIT™ In Your Club

Positioning LES MILLS GRIT™ In Your Club
Positioning LES MILLS GRIT™ In Your Club

It’s not group fitness, it’s small group training. It’s not for the group fitness studio, it’s where you have space. It’s for 4 – 20 people, not 20 – 100. You don’t have to interrupt your current group fitness timetable to run the class and you can earn additional revenue by running the program.

How you position the program to your members will determine the success on whether the program is perceived as a “group fitness” class, or an additional offering that members see the valuing in paying additional for (or a value added service that you offer for free).

When you sign on to the program your dedicated LES MILLS Launch Coach will assist you through the process of setting up the program to benefit your business in a different way your other LES MILLS programs do, below is a taste.

Consider these statistics: global averages show that the best clubs in the world can engage 10% of their members through personal training and 40% through group fitness. What do we do to engage the other 50% of your membership base?

90% of exercisers say they prefer to exercise in groups. When you work out with a group or with friends, they hold you accountable for showing up and they push you to work harder. The key to growing membership and increasing secondary spend in your club is to get members engaged in an activity with other people.

Using GRIT™STRENGTH to engage more members

Not all of your members can afford personal training and for some members, group fitness has a stigma attached. If we don’t teach them about the benefits of group fitness and how it has changed since the Jane Fonda era, some members will never consider adding it to their fitness routine.

Small group training is the perfect avenue for engaging those members. It is a stepping stone for members to eventually start personal training, and for others, may ease them into other programs like CXWORX® or BODYPUMP® at your club.

For GRIT™STRENGTH to be effective at your club it is important to stress that this is not another group fitness class, it is small group training. It is high intensity. It will deliver real results real fast, and you have a small team who will help push you to your limits.

Selling GRIT™STRENGTH at your club

To get the most bang for your buck with GRIT™STRENGTH below are some recommended pricing strategies (you will be the best one to decide what suits your business model):

Pay-per-session (small group training: 4-10 people)                    

The training rate should be lower than your Personal Training 30 minute session rate. If you have small group training currently in your club, then charge the same amount for GRIT™STRENGTH. If not, we recommend anywhere between $10-$25 per session for members, higher for non-members (approximately $25-$35). You could also package these in a “10 pack” and offer the 11th class free.

6 week fat loss/ weight loss/ rip up/ fit for summer, etc. program
Which includes a fitness plan, for example: two GRIT™STRENGTH sessions per week plus one other workout in the club: $200-$300 for members

Small group training platinum membership
You may wish to offer your members a platinum membership that includes unlimited small group training sessions. If you choose this option, members can pay an extra $5-$15 per week for their membership and get as many sessions as they would like (though we recommend no more than two GRIT™STRENGTH sessions per week)

If you choose to have a platinum membership, ensure that members know they must book in advance for the program. You will need to have a comprehensive booking system to ensure members are not disappointed.

Booking system ideas

  • Members who purchase a six week program would have priority in GRIT™STRENGTH classes. It is simple to monitor this as they will come to specific classes and you will book them in for the next six weeks at point of sale. If they don’t show up that allows you to sell casual classes on the day. You may request a courtesy cancellation call or text from those members. Ideally, they will show up for all scheduled workouts to achieve their desired results
  • Platinum members will be second priority. You may wish to open booking GRIT™STRENGTH classes for them 48 hours before their chosen class. If they try to book within 24 hours of the GRIT class and it is full, you can remind them that they have priority for 24 hours before other members do so they are best to plan ahead
  • Members who purchase a 10 pack or pay casually can book 24 hours in advance

Ideally classes will be capped at 10 people to offer members the benefits of small group training. Ensure that all class options are offered on a separate timetable to your group fitness timetable.

No Extra Fee (team training: 10-20 people)

If you wish to offer members access to GRIT™STRENGTH without charging them a premium, you will want to ensure members show up when they say they will. Take bookings 24 – 48 hours before the next GRIT™STRENGTH session and charge a $5 booking fee at time of booking. When they show up, they get their $5 back. If they do not show up, they lose the $5 fee – this will ensure that members are serious about the workouts they are attending.

If you choose this option, you can safely run GRIT™STRENGTH with a maximum capacity of 20 people per Captain. If you have a larger group, you will require multiple Captains to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the workout.

For more information on building GRIT™STRENGTH in your club, contact your dedicated Account Manager

By Miriam Cohen

About Miriam

Miriam is the Regional Account Manager for QLD & VIC. She has worked in the fitness industry for 12 years in a variety of capacities ranging from customer service, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, and Regional Manager.