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What is this GRIT™?

What is this GRIT™?
What is this GRIT™?

Earlier this year we were offered the option to mix the three GRIT™ formats (Cardio, Strength and Plyo), essentially giving us nine extra combinations, to challenge our participants and push them to their limits.   

As long as the facility is licensed across the Series, Instructors who are trained in GRIT™ Series can coach all three programs and are welcome to mix formats to offer their participants variation in another 30 minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  

How will a facility benefit from the GRIT™ Mix?

The mixing of GRIT™ provides facilities with something no other program will, the seamless integration of three programs in one, giving you another program offering for no additional cost. Now instead of having three HIIT offerings, you have nine, without even having to engage any additional GRIT™ Coaches. That’s a great selling point in an age where we know Millennials are seeking quick, authentic, results driven training. Schedule an additional GRIT™ on your timetable and advertise this class as a ‘ mix’, we think your regulars will be up for it! 

How will members benefit from the GRIT™ Mix?

Members wishing to reap the benefits of HIIT and step up their game need to be constantly challenged. An awesome way to do this and see results is to add the GRIT™ Mix to your members training program. Push their  bodies out of their comfort zones and test their abilities not just in one stream, but in all three. They thought just one GRIT™ was tough? Wait until they tackle this!

Training results of GRIT™ Mix

  • Higher “work capacity” i.e. the ability to tolerate a high level of intensity for a longer period
  • Engaged fast twitch muscle fibres — the fibres that are used for explosive movements and give you strength, power and athletic ability
  • Loss of body fat (while retaining lean body mass)
  • A stronger cardiovascular system 
  • Increased upper and lower body strength
  • Utilised EPOC effect – burn calories hours after training
  • Enhanced natural production of Human Growth Hormone – building lean muscle


About GRIT™ Series

Les Mills’ High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program, GRIT™ is scientifically proven to get your members fitter, faster. The series is delivered in 30-minute high intensity blasts; the workouts are demanding, but they’re over quickly. Each session alternates between short bursts of high intensity exercises and recovery periods – the best way to increase fitness, tone muscle and lose fat. HIIT is no longer a supplementary offering to broaden your offering, but a must have to stay competitive in today’s fitness industry. 

GRIT™ Strength will blast all major muscle groups, sending your metabolism into overdrive to burn fat for hours after the workout. It also stimulates the production of growth hormones reducing fat and helping develop lean muscles.

GRIT™ Plyo combines the principles of plyometrics to build power and increase speed and leg strength, GRIT™ Plyo is an intense plyometric-based workout that gets results fast! Power agility training transforms type two muscle fiber and produces a lean athletic shape while increasing muscular endurance and stamina. 

GRIT™ Cardio is an explosive, high-impact body weight based workout maximising calorie burn within the workout and burning fat for hours afterwards.

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