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REEBOK LES MILLS LIVE is back for 2019. Held at the iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on March 22 and 23, the annual fitness show gives participants the opportunity to be part of Les Mills workouts in a pumping, party atmosphere alongside other Les Mills lovers and the most popular Les Mills Program Directors (the choreographers of the programs).

Other than REEBOK LES MILLS LIVE. Obvs. 

Powered by BODY BIKE®

Friday 22 March is all about the bikes at Reebok Les Mills Live 2019. With 150 seats per session – ok 143, we decided to give the Presenters a bike too – the pedal power is going to be electric! With all three Les Mills cycle programs on offer you better bring your paddiest of padded cycle knicks (or do A LOT of unsolicited standing climbs).


The logistics, the negotiations, the timing and the moons have aligned for us to bring you THE BIGGEST NAMES in LES MILLS. Presenting you the headliners for REEBOK LES MILLS LIVE SINGAPORE 2019:

With a strong history in financial planning*, we at Les Mills Asia Pacific will help you get to REEBOK LES MILLS LIVE with some handy daily savings plans. Whether you are on a budget, mega-cashed-up or somewhere in between, we will see you in Singapore next year.

We’ve heard the jokes: pedaling fast and going no-where. Cycle gets you no-where fast.

Yeah. Good burn. We don’t mean to interrupt these nay-sayers with, um, facts but cycling is one of the most versatile workouts for members: low-impact, minimal chorey, suitable for the beginner and athlete alike not to mention the cardio benefits, lower-body strengthening, killer music, obviously the finest Instructors and STOP PRESS the best anti-ageing product (science said – so there!)

Is there a more contentious issue than the volume in your classes?

Turn it up! Turn it down! Turn it sideways! Actually thank goodness there isn’t that third option to complain about.

Organising a Quarterly Workshop is a country-wide jigsaw puzzle; which venue? Which programs? What about the schedule? Should BODYATTACK be first? Last? Sandwiched somewhere in the middle? Now to throw Presenters in the mix. Are they available to present that Quarter? Can they travel interstate? What time do they need to be back home? Can we coordinate 5 Presenters from 3 different states to arrive at the airport at the same time so they can travel in the same Uber? Gahhhhhhhh!