Here at the Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) HQ, we have a dedicated team of people whose sole purpose and mission in life is to help out instructors. Instructors like you!

The LMAP Instructor Specialist team are here to help support you along your instructor journey. Whether you have just attended your first Initial Module Training or a seasoned instructor, we have a specialist that will be able to cater to your enquiry. As of today, for our South East Asian instructors – we have a dedicated specialist that will be located in Malaysia, introducing: Audrey Woo.

For some, being a group fitness instructor is a full time gig – running from class to class, rapidly changing from sweaty clothes to non-sweaty clothes to rinse and repeat day in day out. For others, being a group fitness instructor is their other job.

Start organising your covers (and passport!) now – REEBOK LES MILLS LIVE 2018 will be hosted at the superb Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore on 7 April.

Covers can be a tough gig, they always seem to be a good idea at the time. You inevitably cover everyone’s favourite instructor, complete with death stare from members as you walk in to the studio while remembering that you agreed to another 5-covers that week. Then it’s at a gym you have never taught at, and the stereo system looks like the control panel of space shuttle Atlantis, oh and we don’t have an iPhone 7 dongle and BYO batteries. Where is the mic kept, where is the light switch, how do I turn on the fans?

Part 3: Filming

The music has been carefully chosen, the choreography lovingly arranged. In part 3 of this series we go behind the scenes of Filming – the final product you see as the masterclass when you get your new release resources.

People make the product

It’s a lot of pressure isn’t it? The pressure of creating a release worthy of a milestone.

There was no way BODYATTACK 100 would sneak under the radar – the (round) stage was set for filming in Amsterdam and you better believe people travelled a long way (36 hours – but that’s not for now) to be part of the event much to the confusion of the young gentleman working at the café at the venue “so you came all this way to do a fitness class?”

Well. Yes.

Instructor greatness is at the core of our business. Methods to further elevate Les Mills instructors as leaders in the industry are in constant development. In 2018 we are excited to introduce a new approach to initial module training.

From January 1 all initial modules will move from a 2-day format to 3-days. Day 3 being Certification day. This exciting development means a Pass after Day 3 and you walk away a fully qualified Les Mills instructor. In addition to the third day, initial module training will also include:

The benchmark of a great timetable is to attract the equivalent of your membership base into weekly GX attendance. This means that 50% of your base is attending GX classes at least twice a week.

The fastest, simplest way to increase weekly attendance is to give people more of what they want. Perhaps counterintuitively, more variety doesn’t mean more attendance: research shows that 6 categories (or genres) of classes drives 81% of global group fitness attendance every week. In order of market share these are:

Strength and weights – 19%

Cycling – 19%