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LES MILLS BARRE is helping to fund a new community project in partnership with The Sebastian Foundation. The funds will go toward a new kitchen and workspace for a community centre in South-East Sydney.

This area has been identified as a hot-spot of anti-social behavior and the community centre will provide underprivileged residents a place they can go for support, inspiration and care, with hope to change the face of the area for decades to come.

We are One Tribe. One Tribe for a cause: For a Fitter Planet.

A whole planet?


One human at a time. One early morning at a time. One squat, one burpee, one (maybe ten) late nights learning choreography at a time. One can make a difference. So imagine the difference One Tribe can make.

The call action is simple: TRIBE +1. If every member of the Les Mills Tribe recruits just one person each to become an instructor – we double our impact. Boom. Just like that. Strength in numbers so they say.

As an instructor yourself it can be hard to motivate yourself to participate in other classes. Why go back to the gym in your spare time when you have already spent all week teaching your own classes? Believe it or not there are some very valid reasons as to why you should in fact spare an hour or so each week attending other classes:

Steal coaching tips