Firstly I’d like to start by thanking all of our club partners and your instructor teams who helped raise money in conjunction with UNICEF in our Workout for Water initiative. Hearing of and scrolling through the social media activity of participating clubs was very inspiring. I personally spent the morning sweating it out in a SPRINT class on November 18, the participation was incredible. Globally we have raised enough funds to provide 1,657 water pumps throughout East Africa, the difference this makes to those less fortunate really is incredible. Thank You.

Normally we would go to the Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) Trainer team for their top teaching tips, but this month we have done a 180 and decided to go straight to the coal-face, to you, the instructors on the ground (on the stage?) and ask the question: What is the single best tip you learned at training. This could be a tip from Initial Module Training, AIM 1 or AIM 2. Here is just a small sample of the gems we encountered:

This article is rouge.

I’m risking life and limb publishing this – but you need to know this stuff. It’s the stuff you don’t get taught at module training. Shall we call it AIM 5? Shall we call it unwritten rules that are passed on from generation to generation of instructors? Whatever the label – you need to know:

It’s your responsibility

If you have agreed to cover a class and can’t do it anymore (it happens), it is your responsibility to find the cover, not the original instructor.

Team teaching

Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) is committed to the continued development of Instructors with the ultimate goal of achieving Instructor Greatness. To achieve this goal, LMAP has appointed Amanda Breen in the newly created position of the Director of People and Culture: this role is responsible for driving organisational development.

About Amanda

How wonderful it is to not only have an impact on the people in front of you doing what you do – but also the opportunity to help those on the other side of the world: literally saving lives.

Taking regular classes and supercharging them on 18 November was Move the World: Workout for Water, a UNICEF and Les Mills collaboration – a day of global fundraising to pay for the build of clean water pumps in East Africa.

Part 4: Post Production

The slick editing, the comprehensive choreography notes: these are just some of Post Production efforts you see when you download your Quarterly Resources. Once the Filming of the masterclass is complete (part 3 of the series), the task of Post Production begins.

The first cut is the unkindest: editing footage

The effects of CXWORX group fitness classes and exercise on stress and the quality of life of medical student Background

Q1/2018 will be a special time for fans of BODYATTACK with the release of BODYATTACK 100

Who better to present the century of BODYATTACK than Lisa Osborne herself, Bevan James Eyles and the creme-de-la-creme of the Australian BODYATTACK Presenter team. You will catch Lisa or Bevan at the following Workshops in 2018:

Sydney: Friday 2 March – Fitness First Kings Cross (Lisa + Australian Presenter team)

Melbourne: Saturday 3 March – Ascot Vale Leisure Centre (Lisa + Australian Presenter team)

Perth: Friday 9 March – Lords (Bevan + Australian Presenter team)