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After last month’s advice on getting the most from your tax return, we are back this month to provide tax return spending inspo! The best bit? You can claim it all back again on next year’s tax return – it’s a beautiful thing.

Veronica Bayagich has worked with the Reebok Les Mills team as the apparel Graphic Designer for 5-years. Since working with the team, she has trained in BODYJAM and teaches classes at the Reebok headquarters in Boston.

What is the inspiration behind your designs?

Maybe it’s a new class on the Timetable. Maybe you have taken over the class from somebody else. And to say the least the class numbers are…well…small.

It’s no doubt as an Instructor we feed off the energy of the people in front of us – and a large portion of our motivation does indeed come from the power of a packed room.

Picture this:

Les Mills Virtual studios have made their mark in Australian schools, specifically Ballarat Clarendon College, with hopes to expand further after success at the Victorian College.

Five years after revolutionizing fitness systems, SMARTBAR returns with improved design, durability and looks to deliver SMARTBAR 2.0 to the global market.

Beautifully designed and extensively tested, the new SMARTBAR provides the right business solution for clubs by offering an improved experience for their members: an investment in quality and durability that flows through to customer satisfaction and retention.

All of the original features your members already love and value have been enhanced, including:

Men living in remote Western Australian mining communities are being encouraged to put their own health and wellbeing at the forefront and take precautions to improve their overall mental health and wellbeing, this Men's Health Week.

Two sites in the Pilbara region of WA last week officially launched Les Mills Virtual group fitness classes, an initiative that aims to provide residents with flexible, convenient and accessible workouts at any time of the day.

On Monday Compass Group's health and wellbeing brand Tastelife, in partnership with Les Mills Asia Pacific, officially launched the first Les Mills Virtual group fitness studios in remote mining villages in Western Australia.

The initiative has so far had positive feedback throughout the villages, with the aim to enhance the overall quality of life of FIFO workers, including both miners and the FIFO workers who work in the Pilbara region.