When I give feedback to instructors and trainers around the world, and in preparation for filming, the main issuesI find is around Layer 1 Coaching. Most often, Layer 2 and 3 isn’t a problem at all,” Mark says “once instructors nail Layer 1, the other layers fall easily in to place”.

Quick re-cap

Tip #1 – watch yourself

The #1 response by far when the team was queried in regards to refining technique was self-assessment through mirror work or filming.

Is there a more contentious issue in your class than…the fans*?

It’s too hot, it’s too cold. Turn on the fans. Turn off the fans. Turn them on in track 2, turn them off in cool-down.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine health and fitness facility standards guidelines, the ideal air temperature is between a balmy 20-22 degrees with humidity at somewhere between 40-60%.