As part of the Quarterly Workshop program we are committed to developing education sessions applicable to all programs. Dubbed the “Instructor Greatness” Education series, in Q3 we explored Team Teaching with Music. In case you missed it, or just need a refresher here is an excerpt:

For some, being a group fitness instructor is a full time gig – running from class to class, rapidly changing from sweaty clothes to non-sweaty clothes to rinse and repeat day in day out. For others, being a group fitness instructor is their other job.

In this second part of the series “The Secret Life of Group Fitness Instructors” we introduce you to another member of the Les Mills Tribe who has an interesting, extraordinary and very busy other job.

Forward this to your non-instructor friends: 

Let them sleep

Your Instructor Specialist team is your one stop shop for any and all of your questions when it comes to anything instructor-y. No question is too simple or challenging for this resourceful and experienced team. The honour is all ours to introduce your state specific Instructor Specialists:

For instructors (and potential instructors) in NSW, SA and TAS: Jason

It’s like instructor Christmas isn’t it? That moment every 3-months when the new releases become available for download: unwrapping the choreography, cues and music that will be the soundtrack to your life for the next few weeks of learning and teaching.

What is the difference between cross fit and GRIT? Can you do HIIT programs when pregnant? I get dizzy during high intensity training, why? On 26 July we had the pleasure of hosting Bryce Hastings* as part of a HIIT Q&A session on the Outside The Studio: HIIT closed Facebook group.

We know that people have a basic need to belong and to feel connected to other people and experiences. Over the last three issues of Connect, our TAPAS Team (Trainer and Presenter and Assessor teams) have shared their tips on choreography, technique and coaching. Now we reach the heart – the element that covers Connection.