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As Instructors we’re so busy motivating our members it’s easy to overlook our own needs. Here are five simple suggestions for taking a little “me time” to reinvigorate and revive.

In our job we cannot hide behind the desk on an “off day”. We devote all of our physical and mental energy to the delivery of our classes, motivating and inspiring members. By the end of those classes we’re energised but exhausted. We eat, sleep, teach, repeat.

Sounding familiar?

Let's read about Riyo, Uchop Matt and Angki as they sharstories on their life-changing fitness experiences everyday. Notice the common threads that run through us all, and celebrate what makes them unique. Find out what brought them to fitness, and what inspires them to be involved in the movement for a fitter planet!


“Each and every class is unique and special.”- Riyo

100 pairs of eyes are fixed on you. The singular spotlight has you centred (and somehow restrained) on the stage. The whistling of an un-tuned mic and a lone cough are the only sounds that echo in the confines of the studio.

They wait.

What are you buying when you purchase a kit?

It’s a simple transaction right? You hand over your cash, you get the goods, you do what you please with said goods.

Well, not always. It depends on the contract you have entered in to.

No, we don't mean what made you lose your mind at participants…

What we mean is, what was the moment you knew you had to become an Instructor.

LES MILLS BARRE is helping to fund a new community project in partnership with The Sebastian Foundation. The funds will go toward a new kitchen and workspace for a community centre in South-East Sydney.

This area has been identified as a hot-spot of anti-social behavior and the community centre will provide underprivileged residents a place they can go for support, inspiration and care, with hope to change the face of the area for decades to come.