Is there a more contentious issue in your class than…the fans*?

It’s too hot, it’s too cold. Turn on the fans. Turn off the fans. Turn them on in track 2, turn them off in cool-down.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine health and fitness facility standards guidelines, the ideal air temperature is between a balmy 20-22 degrees with humidity at somewhere between 40-60%.

Outside the Studio: Cycle was the inaugural closed Facebook group for Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) with a goal of bringing together RPM and SPRINT instructors in an orgy of cycle education. It was a hit! 513 of you joined the group where Head Program Coach for RPM and Sprint Dallas Blacklaw, a bevvy of LMAPTrainers/Presenters and you contributed to an insightful week in May.

If you hadn’t joined, feel free to join now and have a look back at the meaty content you won’t find anywhere else.

How is GRIT created?

GRIT: easy as 3, 2, 1

GRIT countdown inside joke.

What is no joke however is the care and precision that goes in to creating each GRIT release. Part art, part science the mix of producing a motivating yet effective workout is a fine balancing act and passes through many hands, hearts and minds to deliver the final package we see each quarter. The product is refined through a process of three main areas:


The 3-Suspects

Victoria Bellino has seen it all, from careers spanning real estate and flight attendant (ed: attending?), group fitness management and loving mum, Victoria is a Brisbane based Trainer and Presenter for BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, GRIT and BODYSTEP.

Hailing from Sydney, the ab-tacular and radiantly positive Patty Crossley, is a presenter for BODYSTEP and SH’BAM.

Learning choreography: love it or hate it, it’s a certainty as a Les Mills instructor. We picked the brains of your Trainer/Presenter team to steal their practical tried and tested tips for remembering…stuff.

Matt Thraxton (BODYPUMP and RPM Trainer/Presenter)

Being selected to partake in filming is a collective nod from the powers that be essentially saying you arethe program. Your persona. The words you say. The way you say them. The way you move; embodies the program so-much-so that the world should learn this release from you.

To be selected for a third time to present then – is some remarkable kudos and are proud to announce that Dallas Blacklaw has clocked up the trifecta of filming nods.