How does lifting light weights for lots of repetitions compare to more traditional models of resistance training? We talk to Dr Nigel Harris, Senior Lecturer in Exercise Science, about the benefits of lifting weights and how high repetition training could be the key to a stronger you.

How did you get into exercise science?

With three-quarters of a million repetitions pumped out, 500 bums on cycle seats and hundreds of bodies moving as one to the beautiful Find Me (caveat: in SH’BAM it was beautiful, in BODYPUMP it just hurt) Les Mills Live 2017 was a sweaty hot (winning) mess.

With a collective 51-years of instructing between them, we shoot-the-breeze with three of your Les Mills Asia Pacific (LMAP) Trainer/Presenters

The 3-suspects

Born in New Zealand and now based on the Gold Coast, Libby Howard, a BODYBALANCE, RPM and BORN TO MOVE Trainer/Presenter, SPRINT and CXWORX Instructor has been teaching for 26-years and was once a national aerobics champion.

You will say the most profound wonderful things before 6am. Or the most stupid.

club and studio


Earlier this year we were offered the option to mix the three GRIT™ formats (Cardio, Strength and Plyo), essentially giving us nine extra combinations, to challenge our participants and push them to their limits.   

As long as the facility is licensed across the Series, Instructors who are trained in GRIT™ Series can coach all three programs and are welcome to mix formats to offer their participants variation in another 30 minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  

How will a facility benefit from the GRIT™ Mix?

Multinational corporations have mastered the art of marketing and advertising to your kids. They are so good in fact, we are now in a situation where we are fighting the media to shield our kids from fast food ads and promotions. Here are three tactics these companies use which we can actually tap into for the greater good. 

Pester Power

Last September, LES MILLS launched GRIT™ Strength, a new small group training program to help engage unassisted exercisers and inject a new revenue stream into your club.

Industry experts globally talk about the benefits of small group training (SGT) in clubs, they recommend:

It’s a well-known fact among the tribe of LES MILLS instructors that our group fitness programs build strength, power, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, as well as deliver longevity, flexibility, stability and control. This fact is also becoming known by the wider Australian sporting industry, with many athletes choosing to incorporate LES MILLS group fitness classes into their pre-season and off-season training regime. With such a large variety of LES MILLS programs, naturally, different sporting codes prefer the training offered by some programs over others.