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Live Q&A with Program Directors

Since the pandemic means you can't come to us for your Q3 Quarterly Workshops, we’re bringing Live eWorkshops to you. This means, if you're in Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Maldives, Brisbane, Broken Hill, or any other town in any other country in Asia Pacific, you'll be able to participate in the Q3 eWorkshops, in real-time, with thousands of other instructors from the region.

Streamed directly to you on the 4th, 5th and 6th of September 2020, the Les Mills Asia Pacific Q3 Live eWorkshops will provide live online Q&A sessions hosted by Marlon Woods and featuring Program Directors including Diana Archer Mills, Glen Ostergaard, Kylie Gates, Rachael Newsham.

Diana Archer Mills

Rachael Newsham

Glen Ostergaard

Kylie Gates

Host, Marlon Woods

Diana Archer Mills

Rachael Newsham

Glen Ostegaard

Kylie Gates

Host, Marlon Woods

There’ll also be a spectacular workshop line-up featuring some of our most awesome Presenters from NSW and ACT, who are permitted to travel to Canberra ACT, where all the action will be live-streamed from.

The online schedule is available below, and shows all program sessions in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) & Malaysia / Singapore Time (UTC+8). So take a look and reserve your place by registering via your online Instructor Portal.

Of course, Les Mills Asia Pacific will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation across the Asia Pacific region. We will maintain adherence to the Government directives of each country, as they’re issued, which may include postponing or cancelling Live eWorkshops. We will be sure to announce any scheduling changes as soon as they occur.
Les Mills Asia Pacific Q3 eWorkshops - United Releases (@ Your Place!)
Friday, 4 September 2020 to Sunday, 6 September 2020
Cutoff: Thursday 11.59PM, 3 September 2020 
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04:45PM AEST / 02:45PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) LES MILLS TONE™ Shelley Townsend, Patty Katts
05:45PM AEST / 03:45PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) LES MILLS TONE™ Education Session Rhett Watts, AJ Laluw
06:00PM AEST / 04:00PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) SH'BAM® Rachael Stenhouse, Tash Ekmekjian
07:00PM AEST / 05:00PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) SH'BAM® Education Session Ken Mun
07:30PM AEST / 05:30PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) BODYJAM® Rachael Stenhouse, Jordan Kelly
08:45PM AEST / 06:45PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) BODYJAM® Education Session Arnold Warren


10:00AM AEST / 08:00AM UTC+8 (MY/SG) BODYSTEP® Patty Katts, Shelley Townsend
11:10AM AEST / 09:10AM UTC+8 (MY/SG) BODYSTEP® Education Session Teoh Yee Sin, Wendy Elphinstone
12:00PM AEST / 10:00AM UTC+8 (MY/SG) LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION (Hosted by Marlon Woods) Diana Archer Mills, Rachael Newsham,
Glen Ostergaard, Kylie Gates
01:15PM AEST / 11.15AM UTC+8 (MY/SG) LES MILLS SPRINT™ Cassiano Margoni, Amanda Breen
02:00PM AEST / 12:00PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) LES MILLS SPRINT™ Education Session Dallas Blacklaw
02:15PM AEST / 12:15PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) CXWORX® Rachael Ayre, Jako Misic
03:00PM AEST / 01:00PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) CXWORX® Education Session James Brennan
03:15PM AEST / 01:15PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) RPM™ Jako Misic, Amanda Breen
04:30PM AEST / 02:30PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) RPM™ Education Session Dallas Blacklaw
05:30PM AEST / 03:30PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) BODYCOMBAT® Tash Ekmekjian, Tevita Siulangapo
06:45PM AEST / 04:45PM UTC+8 (MY/SG) BODYCOMBAT® Education Session Tash Ekmekjian


10:00AM AEST / 08:00AM UTC+8(MY/SG) BODYATTACK® Rachael Ayre, Nathan White
11:15AM AEST / 09:15AM UTC+8(MY/SG) BODYATTACK® Education Session Eve Phelan
11:30AM AEST / 09:30AM UTC+8(MY/SG) LES MILLS BARRE™ Anna Biddiscombe, Andy Hateley
12:15PM AEST / 10:15AM UTC+8(MY/SG) LES MILLS BARRE™ Education Session Inge Gnatt
12:30PM AEST / 10:30AM UTC+8(MY/SG) LES MILLS GRIT™ Alex Clark, Karola Schulz
01:15PM AEST / 11:15AM UTC+8(MY/SG) LES MILLS GRIT™ Education Session Reagan Kang
01:30PM AEST / 11:30AM UTC+8(MY/SG) BODYPUMP® Jako Misic, Tevita Siulangapo
03:00PM AEST / 01:00PM UTC+8(MY/SG) BODYPUMP® Education Session Jako Misic
04:00PM AEST / 02:00PM UTC+8(MY/SG) BODYBALANCE® Dee McNeill, Anna Biddiscombe
05:15PM AEST / 03:15PM UTC+8(MY/SG) BODYBALANCE® Education Session Dee McNeill
Part of the Les Mills creed is to remain at the forefront of fitness innovation and achieve instructor greatness – it’s not uncommon from quarter-to-quarter, release-to-release for your program to see updates in areas such as technique, exercise selection,and even coaching models. This continuous 3-monthly cycle of releases means that innovations can be applied to the very next release so you know you are teaching the safest, most effective class to your members in a way that will get them moving and motivated like never before. And did we mention the hottest tunes?

Workshops generally take place in March, June, September and November/December - keep your eyes peeled for further information around these times in your email inbox and by following Les Mills Asia Pacific on social media. Discounts apply by registering and purchasing your latest release music kits before the Workshops cut-off dates.

By attending Workshops, purchasing the Quarterly Resource and completing the on-line exam (here), you are eligible for 3-CEC points to go toward your Fitness Australia re-registration.

If you have any questions about Quarterly Workshops, please contact your Instructor Specialist at
eWorkshops FAQ
  1. Can I access the eWorkshop classes on my phone? What are the best devices to use?
    You can access the eWorkshop classes on any computer or device that accommodates Zoom & Vimeo. However, for the best experience we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer.

  2. If I’m in Australia, will I receive CEC points for attendance?
    By attending Workshops, purchasing the Quarterly Release and completing the online exam, you are eligible for 3-CEC points to go toward your Fitness Australia re-registration.

  3. Can I participate in the classes from my club if I don’t have equipment at home?
    Instructors are advised to speak directly with their Club to determine if attending the eWorkshops onsite at the Club is an option (while heeding all social distancing and sanitisation regulations, of course).

  4. Will the masterclasses be recorded so I can watch them at a later date?
    No, our Live-Stream Music Licence does not permit any live-streamed classes to be recorded, saved or replayed.

  5. Will the Education and Live Q&A sessions be recorded so I can watch them at a later date?
    Yes! All program Education sessions and the Live Q&A will be recorded and made available to those who have registered for the eWorkshops.

  6. What language will the eWorkshops be conducted in?
    For Q3, the masterclasses, education sessions and Live Q&A with Program Directors will be conducted in English.

  7. Are the eWorkshops open to consumers or Club members?
    No, the Q3 Quarterly eWorkshops are delivered exclusively for qualified Les Mills instructors and trainees who have completed at least Days 1 and 2 of their Initial Module Training (online or face-to-face).

  8. How do I register my attendance?
    There is a link to register at the bottom of this webpage: or you can do so after logging into your online Instructor Portal.

  9. If I register to attend but can’t make it on the day, can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, refunds for this event are not available. For other terms and conditions please click here.