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"The e-learning workshops were amazing. I really enjoyed this style."

Thank you for uniting with us and a special shoutout to those who were in the first-ever "Front Row" at the eWorkshops. We were also ecstatic to have been able to bring back a few In-Person Workshops – fingers crossed there’ll be lots more of those next year!
Here's what you told us about the Q4.2020 Workshops
and here’s our response.
"Zoom versus Vimeo? Online is tricky..."
YES IT IS! Here at Les Mills Asia Pacific, there has been many hours of head-scratching and returning to the drawing board during the process of choosing a platform that can achieve what we want for these events! We’re still searching for the ideal platform that will best serve your Instructor needs while also enabling us to deliver these Workshops at a standard that we are happy with. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate in this space.
"I would have liked to watch the live-streamed eWorkshops (i.e., Masterclasses) after I’d completed the In-Person Workshops in my chosen programs. It would be great if the eWorkshops could be available to watch for a few days afterwards."
Unfortunately, this is not currently possible as Music Licensing restrictions prevent us from being able to record and replay our eWorkshops/Masterclasses.
"I loved the way you did the online eWorkshops this time, where the Presenters could see us and interact with us. It was great."
We're so glad you enjoyed the "Front Row"! We really wanted Instructors to be able to interact at the Q4.2020 eWorkshops, so we're very happy this option was well received. Our goal is to continue to innovate and refine this process, to make it even better at our future online events.
“"Please keep language barriers in mind. Not all instructors understand conversations or instructions delivered in Australian English, especially during teaching. Instead, we have to follow to what the Presenters are doing without listening to all the cues. I hope LMAP can deliver eWorkshops in Southeast Asia soon!"
Yes, we hear you! And we're definitely looking into locally delivered eWorkshops in Southeast Asia. Watch your inbox for information as it comes to hand!
"If possible, it would be great to see the same production quality and streaming service used that LES MILLS On Demand™ uses."
Oh that would be great, wouldn't it? LES MILLS On Demand is a streamed replayable service that uses pre-recorded content. In contrast, the eWorkshops are live-streamed Masterclasses, which typically means that, in comparison, the quality of the footage will tend to be less than that of the pre-recorded content.
"Much better than last time; but nothing beats In-Person Workshops. Great time slots this time too - it was good not to have to get classes covered."
We're so glad you enjoyed the new scheduling. We will continue to seek Instructor feedback and further refine this for our future events.
So here's what we learned...

As always, our eWorkshops are fantastic opportunities for us to identify how we can ensure future events are even better! We are constantly striving to make sure that you have the best eWorkshop experience, some of the things we learned this time around centred around Zoom vs Vimeo as our chosen streaming platform. Instructor feedback was resoundingly favourable for a return to the use of Vimeo (with a workaround for our friends in Indonesia and Vietnam who have no access to Vimeo).

Your feedback also clearly told us that our first ever “Front Row” experience was a successful option for those seeking greater interactivity during their eWorkshops. As such, we’ll continue to develop this initiative for inclusion in future eWorkshops.

We also learned that inclement weather (i.e., powerful winds) can actually put a halt to an entire live-stream, by causing a power outage! Again, we hope those impacted enjoyed the benefits from that extended child’s pose you were momentarily stuck in!

Of course, it’s not too late to submit your feedback – and this applies whether you attended the Q4.2020 Workshops or not. If you haven’t yet shared your thoughts with us, please do!