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For a Fitter Planet: We take the responsibility seriously. Les Mills programs inspire close to 1.5 million people weekly in clubs throughout the Asia Pacific region. We invest heavily in a team of business support representatives to share global insights, expert industry knowledge and current market trends to empower you to fill group fitness studios and achieve business success.

Brent de Clauzel

Brent de Clauzel

Regional Account Manager for VIC & NT

Brent’s business acumen is grounded in focus “excel in one or two areas and make them outstanding”.

It’s no surprise that his top tip for business success is service and knowledge. Brent is an expert in prescribing the most relevant programming for your market grounded in customer service, the two notions for Brent going hand-in-hand “think about your local coffee shop, and how good it feels when you walk in and they know your order before you even say it. We should all strive for that level of service with our members”. Translated to fitness business speak Brent can assist in building relationships beyond memberships through great programing and service – the antidote to member attrition.

Contact Brent on or 02 6215 8104

Miriam Cohen

Miriam Cohen

Regional Account Manager for NSW, SA, TAS

Having worked with hundreds of clubs both locally and overseas and with a Bachelor in Applied Business Miriam is an invaluable partner to any fitness business. Her goal for your club is to assist with strategies in growing membership, profit and attendance.

Methodical in her approach, Miriam’s top tip for business success is measuring growth “I recommend clubs make attendance a key metric. Statistics show that if members attend 1.5-times per week or less on average, they’ll leave the club within the first year. If they come 2-times a week they’ll stay for 2-5 years.

Contact Miriam on or 02 6215 8141

Scott Lambert

Scott Lambert

Regional Account Manager for QLD, WA, ACT

Working his way through the ranks to General Manager in owner operator clubs, small chains, multi-site franchises and 24/7 operations you could say Scott has seen it all in his 24-year (and counting) career.

“From my experience successful clubs are open to change, have a thirst for knowledge, develop and reward staff and over communicate”.

In a continuously evolving industry where competition is fierce Scott is able to cut-through and recommend opportunities to grow membership and profits and assist with implementing strategies to improve business performance and retention. His top tip to business success? “Be open. Open to what's happening in the market, in your local community and be open to change”.

Contact Scott on or 02 6215 8116