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1. Will more instructor trainings be available soon?
Our online list of available instructor trainings or Initial Module Trainings is regularly updated. Scheduling relies on the availability of and safe accessibility to physical locations where your Day 3 training can be held (Day 3 is always delivered face-to-face). Therefore, more trainings will be scheduled in Southeast Asia and throughout Australia over time, as more and more countries return to “business as usual”.

If you don’t see an Initial Module Training that you’d like to enrol into – you can express your interest here and we will notify you when it becomes available.


2. How do I register for an IMT or OIMT?
Congratulations on taking the exciting leap to becoming a Les Mills instructor! To register, you'll need to hit "LOGIN" in the top right-hand corner of our homepage. Select "New Instructor" to create a Customer Profile with us if you don't already have one. Click "Training Store" then click on the logo of your preferred program and follow the prompts to lock in your spot.


3. What happens during Days 1 & 2?
The process and content of Initial Module Training (IMT) is the same, regardless of whether you choose to complete an ONLINE IMT or a FACE-TO-FACE IMT.

Approximately eight days before your IMT start date, you'll receive a link to download music and you’ll be allocated one or two tracks to learn from your training Release. Learn these as best as you can in the lead up to your training, then bring to Days 1 and 2, a digital music player, your choreography notes from the allocated Release, pens, paper, a towel and several changes of clothes. Over the two days, your Trainer will teach you everything you need to know to become an instructor! If you’ve registered for a FACE-TO-FACE IMT, you’ll attend Days 1 and 2 in person. If you have enrolled in an ONLINE IMT, then you’ll attend Days 1 and 2 via Zoom from your own home or other location of your choice. During these Days 1 and 2 you'll learn about exercise technique, choreography and how to master the 5 Key Elements that Les Mills Instructors all around the world use to deliver amazing workouts.


4. What happens during the 8 Week Pathway?
After Days 1 and 2 of training are completed, you'll be provided with a white booklet. This is your "roadmap" to guide you (and your mentor) through your eight-week pathway. You'll head back to your endorsing club to participate in a mixture of shadowing and team teaching to practise instructing your entire training Release. This is all in preparation for your Day 3 training!


5. What happens on Day 3?
You will have spent the last eight weeks in the lead up to your Day 3, working super hard to master your choreography, technique and coaching. So now it's time for it all to come together! On your Day 3, you'll be randomly allocated up to three tracks from your training Release, which you’ll then need to present. Upon meeting the criteria to receive a "PASS" you will then have become an internationally certified Les Mills Instructor!


6. What happens if I am unable to make it for Day 3?
Day 3 training is delivered in a face-to-face learning format, regardless of whether you book into a face-to-face IMT or an Online IMT. It is essential for you to attend Day 3 in-person, in order for you to become certified as a Les Mills Instructor. At the time of booking your IMT or OIMT you must also book into your Day 3. If you cannot attend the Day 3 you are booked into, you will need to reschedule and attend another Day 3 in-person. Rescheduling will incur additional cost and is subject to availability.


7. What are the outcomes?
There are two outcome options for each portion of your training.

Days 1 & 2: At the completion of your second day you will be marked as "Attended" or "At Risk". An "Attended" outcome means you are on the right track to begin your eight-week pathway and your journey towards certification. An "At Risk" outcome simply means there are some areas we've identified where you need a bit of extra help - and that's OK! Our amazing Instructor Specialist team will be available to support your continued certification journey, and to help ensure you are on track to pass.

Day 3: At the completion of your Day 3 training you’ll receive a "PASS" or a "RESIT". A "PASS" outcome means you have met the required criteria and are now an internationally certified Les Mills instructor - yay! A "RESIT" outcome means there's still a little more work to do, so we'll pop you in to attend another Day 3* (of your choosing), which gives you some more time to prepare and refine your skills.

*additional fees apply


8. What else do I need?
"In Australia, it is advised that you complete an Industry qualification such as Group Exercise Leader Certificate or Certificate III in Fitness and hold a current Provide First Aid + CPR Certificate, that you register with an industry body (e.g. Fitness Australia, etc). This is to ensure that you can obtain the appropriate insurances before teaching Group Fitness classes. If you choose to register with Fitness Australia, you are required to adhere to the Scope of Practice outlined by Fitness Australia. You must be a registered Group Exercise Instructor in order to attain Fitness Australia CECs.


9. What if I have not completed my certification prior to 2018?
If you have only completed two days of training, you are most likely teaching uncertified. This poses both you and your employers at risk of voiding insurance and potential legal action should anything go wrong. Luckily, this is an easy fix and all you'll need to do is attend a Day 3 near you. Email and your Instructor Specialist Team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as they can* *additional fees apply


10. Can I purchase new music without having finished my IMT or OIMT?
No. You may only purchase music once you are Certified, after having successfully completed your Day 3 training.


11. Can I attend the Quarterly Workshops if I am not yet certified?
If a Quarterly Workshop falls in the eight-week period between Day 2 and Day 3 then, yes you can attend. However, you will be unable to purchase new music until after your Day 3 training has been successfully completed and you have been Certified.


12. Why can’t Day 3 be online as well?
Day 3 will remain a face-to-face training day to ensure that we can preserve the quality of expertise that you’ll achieve, from our Initial Module Training.


I have more questions!
We have a dedicated team of Tribe Recruiters here to help! Simply email and our team will get back to you as soon as they can.