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After you have completed initial module training the next step in your education is Advanced Instructor Module 1 (AIM 1).

Recommended once you have 3 – 6months’ worth of teaching experience under your belt, AIM 1 has been created to reinforce and enhance the skills acquired at initial module training.

What can I expect?

Your ability as an instructor to influence the outcomes of the people in front of you comes down to a number of factors. Two that are within your control and the focus of AIM 1 is technique and coaching

  1. Technique

Did you know that the people in front of you will give 30% less effort than you naturally? People come to your class to get results. The way you move will either put people off or inspire them to work harder; great technique forms the foundation of your teaching. To ensure you demonstrate consistent role-model technique you will undergo a dedicated technique boot-camp as part of the module. 


  1. Coaching

Your role as a coach is to deliver the right information at the right time. At initial module training you are introduced to the coaching model specific to your program, at AIM 1, we investigate this model further to isolatethe coaching tools at your disposal. Your instructions will develop in to a multi-dimensional asset in a way that will garner the attention and response from the people in front of you.

Program Essence

Tying together the above learning is taking the time in AIM 1 to fully comprehend the program essence. In short the program essence (unique to each program) is the statement that captures the mood of your program – orthe brand if you like. Understanding the essence means that you can shape the way you communicate in your class through your movement and coaching to consistently represent the programin an authentic way.

“For someone who has been actively teaching, or even if you are returning to instructing after some time off, AIM 1 is a great opportunity to up-skill and receive real-time feedback and face to face contact with the trainer on the day”

Things you need to know

  • To be eligible for an outcome from AIM 1 you must have purchased the current release from Les Mills Asia Pacific 
  • Be prepared to present any track from the current release (note: once you register the release you will be presenting from will be confirmed)
  • Every program has a unique AIM 1
  • AIM 1 is a one-day module
  • The cut-off date to register is 1-week prior to the training commencing
  • Limited spaces available
  • It is recommended you have taught your program for a minimum of 3-months prior to attending the training