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Advanced Instructor Module 2 (AIM 2) is the progression following your successful completion of AIM1.

As an AIM 1 qualified instructor you will have come to grips with the tangible elements of teaching: role-model technique and advanced coaching skills. The purpose of AIM 2 is to complete the circle by introducing intangible skills, the skills that will fill your classes and keep people coming back for more.  A sample of the topics covered include:

  1. Teaching with purpose

    Improve the level of connection with your participants by understanding how to generate internal and external class objectives. 
  2. Creating the change faster

    Develop your ability to script in a more advanced way, make your coaching land and ensure the changes intended are materializing. 
  3. Living the values

    Get to know the Les Mills values - they are larger than you and me: Les Mills is a movement to create a fitter planet by sticking together (One Tribe), putting your hand up to make the change (Be Brave) and changing the world one fitness class (your class) at a time. 
  4. Teaching with authenticity and contrast

    Who are you? And who are you when you teach? AIM 2 delves in to understanding your persona vs your teaching persona and using simple strategies to expand your repertoire to appeal to a broad range of personalities. 

What can I expect?

Over the 2-day training you will explore strategies to connect with your class and cater to their different personalities and abilities. You will also understand how to use the music to evoke emotion, learn to be 100% “present” when you teach all while letting your personality shine.

You will present your allocated track four times and if you match the criteria, you’ll be awarded a Pass or Resit.


Rockstar instructors see, they don’t look. They respond to what is happening in the room. They coach they don’t cue. They connect to empower their coaching skills to create the change faster in their participants.

Things you need to know

  • To be eligible for an outcome from AIM 2 you must have purchased the current release from Les Mills Asia Pacific 
  • Be prepared to present any track from the current release (note: once you register the release you will be presenting from will be confirmed)
  • The cut-off date to register is 1-week prior to the training commencing
  • Limited spaces available
  • AIM 2 is a 2-day module
  • IMPORTANT: AIM 2 on occasion combines two programs in the same training - when presenting for assessment, you only present the program you are registered for