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Event Fast Facts


  1. What is World United?
    World United is a global moment to celebrate fitness and its importance to our physical and mental health. The United campaign is designed to generate hype and drive members back to Clubs.

  2. Why is there no Release #?
    The new masterclass Releases were filmed during lockdown and feature 300 of the world’s top Les Mills Instructors. This special Release is labelled the Les Mills United Release and will not feature any Release numbers.

    World United will peak on Saturday 19th September 2020 with a global launch of live and online fitness events. Thousands of fitness Clubs and Instructors will launch United-themed workouts on one day. 300 of the world’s top Les Mills Instructors feature in the United-themed workouts that were filmed across more than 20 countries during the COVID-19 lockdown.

  3. How can I get involved?
    Clubs and Instructors are invited to host live and online launch events.

    Everything you need to run a successful launch event can be found at

  4. What support is available to me?
    Everything clubs and Instructors need to plan, promote and run a launch event can be found at

    A collection of ready-to-use and customisable resources are available now. The customisable resources allow you to choose between images, upload your own image or logo and edit text to create a completely personalised campaign.

  5. What should I tell my members?
    Let your members know you’re hosting a launch event together with thousands of fitness Clubs and Instructors from around the world. Let your members know the event date (Saturday 19th September) and how they can be part of the fun. Make it an Open Day and invite your members to bring along a friend.

  6. When should I start planning my event?
    We recommend starting to plan your event approximately six weeks before your event date. For more information including a timeline on how to plan your event, download the event guide at

  7. What’s in it for me?
    Hosting a social event at your Club is going to be one of your biggest drivers of recovery and retention of members. Launch events are a great boost for member engagement and are proven to motivate your members to attend more often.

  8. Do I have to run an event on Saturday 19th September?
    No, you can host your live and/or online launch events at a time that suits you, your members and community. You are also free to run as many events as you like! Invite your team and plan your World United celebrations together including the date, time and location.

  9. Is it safe to run an event under social distancing?
    Yes. Before planning your launch event, it’s always best to consult or check your local, state and national Covid-19 safety recommendations. Everything you need to run a successful event under social distancing or online workouts can be found at

  10. My facility is closed. Can I still run an event?
    Yes, absolutely. Clubs and Instructors can stream workouts and run online fitness classes via a live-streaming solution.

For more information on Live-streaming Les Mills workouts, please see below.


Live-streaming Fast Facts

  1. What is live-streaming?
    Live-streaming allows you to stream Les Mills group fit workouts to your members at home. You can either set up a streaming ‘studio’ in your club, or you can stream directly from your own home if you are an Instructor representing a club.

    Live-stream workouts are a great way for your members to stay fit and stay connected while they are not able to attend live classes.

  2. What does a Club need to do to start live-streaming?
    There are a range of low to premium options available to Clubs, and it’s important you use a live-stream platform that works best for your Club. We recommend securing a Zoom subscription (PRO plan) as many Clubs, Instructors, and participants will be familiar with Zoom, and it has some great features. You just need to make sure you adhere to the terms of use for that specific platform.

    For more information and guidance on the recommended set up, download the Les Mills live-streaming guide here.

  3. Who can live-stream Les Mills classes?
    The rules around a live-stream class is the same as for a live class: it needs to be taught by an active, qualified Instructor in that specific Les Mills program on behalf of a Club Licenced for that Les Mills program. Unlike the live class, the Instructor does not need to be inside the Club, but you do need to live-stream through a Club's official account, Instructors should speak to their club about how to get involved in live-streaming

  4. Why do I have to live-stream through my club?
    Live-streaming needs to be through a licenced facility. This is due to how the music rights have been purchased; it is the facility that has the licence to stream the music.

  5. Do I have to pay extra for cover versions of the music?
    Live-streaming may need to be delivered using Les Mills cover versions of the original music, unless you have the necessary local music licence to use original artist recordings.

  6. Can I live-stream all Les Mills workouts, or only ones I have a program licence for?
    The rules around a live-stream are the same as for a live workout. Clubs can only live-stream programs that they have a licence for, and they need to engage active Les Mills Instructors qualified in those programs.

  7. Does an Instructor's current certification allow them to live-stream, or is there any additional education requirement?
    Similar to teaching a live workout, you can only live-stream on behalf of a licenced club and in the programs you are actively qualified to teach. There is no additional education requirement to live-stream.

  8. Will Clubs be charged extra on top of our program licence fees for live-streaming?
    To help clubs get set up for live-streaming, we will not be charging any additional fees for the rest of the year. We will be then be looking to include this in your ongoing partnership.