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BP100 Competition Finalists



bp100In June, Instructors around the world were invited to share the story of their favourite BODYPUMP release, for the chance to win one of two spots at BODYPUMP 100 filming in New Zealand on the 5th August and be part of history. From hundreds of global entries with inspirational stories, there could be just 50 finalists.

We are so proud to have had 6 finalists from our region nominated and would like to congratulate: Melissa Heino, Tabitha Abbott, Rene Poullos, Mark Whitten, Caleb Kleinig and Thongchai Phohom.

The two lucky winners of the competition were announced live on Facebook on the 21st July. They were: Lena Marklund from Sweden and Kaisa Clark from Massachusetts, USA. #BODYPUMP100 #100strong #Onetr1be


BODYPUMP 100 Filming – The Spectacular


On Friday 5 August the best BODYPUMP Presenter Teams from all over the world assembled in New Zealand for the filming of BODYPUMP 100. Les Mills Asia Pacific was represented by a professional, passionate and talented group. We got the inside scoop on the event highlights.



Sitting alongside industry legends such as Sacha Coburn (fitness motivational goddess), Pete Phillips (the first guy to ever teach BODYPUMP), Josh Kronfeld (All Black icon) and Steve Renata (one of the original and best BODYPUMP teachers ever) on the BOPDYPUMP 100 judging panel was truly a experience to remember.

Agencies from all over the world were invited to send their best BODYPUMP Presenter Teams to NZ for the filming of BP 100. A total of 22 agencies sent teams! LMAP sent Reagan Kang, Emma Vandenbergh, Karen Russell, Rue She, Matt Thraxton, Jako Misic and Steve Cluff. They were then judged to determine who was the best BODYPUMP Presenter Team in the World.

Each team was allocated one track to present and to have two of the team share the teaching of the track. LMAP got the Chest Track which is a challenging track seeing as most of it you are lying down looking at the ceiling which makes connection and performance a little challenging. But the fact that LMAP was given this track is a sign that LMI is confident in our team's abilities as a solid chest track preso could only be pulled off by a truly experienced team. Emma and Reagan were selected to team the track with the rest shadowing, so we knew it going to be brilliant. 

The LMAP Team did exceptionally well and were universally praised for their professionalism, teaching and sense of community. They came second only to the team from the United Kingdom.

“I was proud to be there representing LMAP alongside these fine, passionate and talented people.” 




1: Being on stage with the LMAP team in the chest track (though I would have LOVED to have had the whole LMAP BP team up there with us)

2: The intro video and Glen rising out of the stage to start the class....this gave me goose bumps in rehearsals the 1st time I saw it!!

3: Feeling the passion from the whole TRIBE - the LMI people, presenters from all over the world and the instructors on the floor for the filming. So much love for this program, we really are changing the world!!

"To be part of BP100 filming was humbling. This was a special moment in the history of the fitness industry, shared by people from all over the world. I can't wait to share it with instructors and club members!"




1: The People

It was so great to re-connect with old friends, and to make new ones. It really did feel like a family reunion. One of the greatest things about this job is the people you meet along the way, and befriend. This really was the Onetr1be mentality at its best.

2: The Product

It was an incredible honour to be selected to take part in the BODYPUMP 100 celebration. I felt very privileged to represent LMAP, and the 5 days was such a great experience where we got to honour the legends (the pioneers that took BODYPUMP to the world and celebrate the future leaders (those taking BODYPUMP into the future) I am excited to see how the finished product lands when it comes out next year!   

3: The Place

Along with New Zealand, comes the Maori culture that Les Mills have kept as an integral part of what we do. Two particularly special, cultural moments for me were:

(1) Being presented with some south island greenstone (pounamu) from Jackie Mills. The stone represents strength and leadership, and as we return home we take a piece of New Zealand, and BODYPUMP 100 back with us forever.  

(2) Presenting the 'Haka' at the end of the BODYPUMP 100 filming class. It is always an incredible feeling to deliver this, and the energy and togetherness you feel is unmatched.



“BODYPUMP100 was an amazing and inspiring experience that felt like a tribute to the past and an insight into the future of this amazing program. It was great to meet all the teams from around the world, come together and see this release happen. The entire release is great along with the bonus tracks - it will be pretty special when it comes out. Filming night was awesome and the class came together really well. BODYPUMP100 will be one to remember!” 




1: The unity of all presenters representing their own country/agency.

2: The massive scale of production during the whole event made this celebration release a successful one. The digital effects and performances during transition of presentations was a big WOW.

3: Getting to meet fellow presenters from other agencies as well as the instructors travelling long way to be part of the release filming.

“BODYPUMP No.1…hundred, Les Mills Asia Pacific REPRESENT”



It was an honour to be teaching with our very talented LMAP BODYPUMP Trainer Team in 100! An experience I will definitely treasure.

I would like to acknowledge, publicly thank and celebrate our Les Mills Asia Pacific agency and more importantly Michelle Dean, Karen Russell & Jess Oyston.

I had a two week old baby when Karen Russell rang me and asked if I would be involved & teach in BODYPUMP 100. To which I replied, I don't think I can, I can't leave the baby.

But this was never an expectation.

Karen & Michelle encouraged & supported me to make the trek to New Zealand with four month old baby Harlo in tow, so I could be part of this epic event.

Michelle & Jess were "on call" to look after Harlo while I rehearsed & filmed, working well beyond their job descriptions! What a brilliant celebration in supporting working mothers to rejoin the workforce! Thankyou for being amazing, supportive women and an agency that supports this.

“My absolutely highlight was being IN THE MOMENT teaching the chest track, alongside Reagan - with Karen, Jako, Steve, Rue & Matty standing behind us, 100% supporting us and looking out seeing Jess and Michelle and so many amazing instructors from Australia that made the trip from Australia smiling and cheering. Amazing!!”

BODYPUMP100 filming is complete. A combination of 25 years of research and results has created one epic workout.


Key dates for Quarter 4 featuring BODYPUMP 100 release

26 & 27 November: Q4 Workshops in QLD, NSW, ACT

3 & 4 December: Q4 Workshops in WA, SA, VIC, TAS

2 December: Pre-release digital music kit available for download for those who attend workshops

6 December: Quarter 4 music release date. Digital music kits made available for download for non workshop attendees.

14 January: BODYPUMP100 Global Club Launch


Here is a sneak peak into what’s happening around BODYPUMP100!

LMAP – Quarter 4 Workshops

Planning is well under way as we prepare to celebrate BODYPUMP100 in Quarter 4. There will be an epic competition, great prizes and lots of BODYPUMP100 fun to be had so be sure to save the Workshop dates.


In order to make BODYPUMP100 an epic release, the global plan is to have the entire world release on the same day, 14 January 2017.

On this day our Tribe will rise as one for the global launch of BODYPUMP100.

We will therefore be asking you as One Tribe to hold back teaching or sharing details on BODYPUMP100 until 14 January 2017. At the Quarter 4 workshop we will supply you with all the details and the tools you need to help us celebrate the up and coming 100th release.

More details to follow on Quarterly Workshops plans in Q4 and the Global in-club launch. Look out.