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Couples that Teach 2013-04-18

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By: Marie Anagnostis

Couples that learn chorey together stay together

I read that somewhere. I think.

On January 15 we asked on FaceBook for couples that teach LES MILLS classes together for the purpose of this article. I expected I wouldn’t get many responses (wrong). I also expected that couples would be more harsh when giving feedback to each other (wrong again, and now feel like a bad person for even thinking that).

Thank-you to all the lovely couples that did respond to the article request and apologies we couldn’t include all of you.

What? You’re not mean to each other?

Firstly, I will dispel my hypothesis that couples give harsh feedback to each other, by all accounts it’s just the opposite. It seems that understanding the reality of being an instructor; early mornings, late nights, leaning chorey and sore bodies, means they are more sympathetic to each other when it comes to minor lapses (I AM a bad person!).

Trevor and Sal from QLD say their desire to always be better means they take feedback from each other to help them grow “we respect each other as professional instructors” and say “we always know when we make mistakes, so time at home is spent telling the other to ‘stop beating yourself up!’”

The best ally I had in my hypothesis was Kristen, who teaches BODYJAM® with her partner of 20-years, Cedric (pictured). Kristen fesses up “I am guilty sometimes of picking, usually about execution of a move or him talking over me! These days the members are so used to us that I can just shush him if he is hogging the mic. I pick a lot less these days, so I guess we get better with age!”

For Better

“The best thing is that when we talk about our classes…your partner just gets it” says MJ, the other half of Kelly. Hailing from the Central Coast of NSW, this duo who team teach BODYCOMBAT® love that their common interest means they can spend more time together – oh right and it also provides the perfect opportunity for a marriage proposal! “Kell proposed to me in our final [BODYCOMBAT®] class at our old gym before it closed in front of 60 people. It was incredible”. They will be getting married in September this year.

Or Worse

“We only seem to play LES MILLS music in our house now, one of us is always practicing and learning choreography, we’ve lost track of normal music” laments Brooke from the ACT. Brooke met her partner Damian “when we were both overweight and unhealthy”. They joined the gym together and after losing 25kg and 35kg respectively took the plunge and both became instructors. Kelly and MJ agree saying “we don’t have a lot of spare time to listen to other music...we are usually behind on what the cool kids are listening to these days!”

Trevor says “the worst thing is coming up with a great motivational cue, telling Sal, then finding out she used it before I did”.


Happy Valentines day

Far from getting my scandalous story I expected from “couples that teach” I found quite the opposite: all respondents were so very supportive of each other, had the highest respect for the other and their shared passion for the industry seemed to bring them closer together. Couples that learn chorey together really DO stay together.


Marie is the Marketing Communications Manager at LES MILLS Asia Pacific and is an instructor in BODYATTACK®, BODYPUMP®, CXWORX® and GRIT™STRENGTH