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Here at Les Mills Asia Pacific, we are dedicated to helping our Instructors achieve greatness. In the interests of providing top quality, efficient support and advice for you, we have created a regular segment in our Connect newsletter. We discuss relevant topics that provide Instructors with valuable information. Our next topic in the series is “Program Fitness – Train to Teach, not Teach to Train”

Just as the aesthetic design of a club is important to members, even more so is the people power. As an Instructor, you are employed and entrusted to teach group fitness, keep your participants motivated and fit, and teach at an optimum level. Research says your class participant’s commitment and motivation to exercise is all about satisfaction. The level of satisfaction they feel during exercise is what keeps them coming back. With 50 per cent of people who start a new exercise regime dropping out in the first six months, it’s imperative you inspire, motivate and engage participants.

Scenario: Imagine you are faced with a class full of football players – can you walk the talk? Are you both physically strong, and able to command the group to inspire and motivate participants from all walks of life?

The physical aspects of "training to teach" require fitness and strength levels sufficient to deliver Les Mills programs with authenticity. An instructor standing on stage describing the physical results participants can expect needs to project that physical representation themselves. Introducing a class and saying that the program will make you fit and strong, without being fit and strong will leave participants uninspired and unwilling to return. You would expect the same outcome if a BODYPUMP Instructor is unable to do pushups on their toes.

Complementing the program/s you are trained in by practicing outside of timetabled classes with other complementary activities will enhance your knowledge and overall program fitness. For example BODYBALANCE with yoga or BODYCOMBAT with martial arts.

Ensuring you up skill is also highly important in the fitness industry. If your quality of teaching is second to none, you can only expect more work as a result. Les Mills Asia Pacific Workshops, Les Mills Education, Advanced Instructor Modules (1 & 2) and self initiated research, are all great further education pathways that will expand your knowledge base, and give you a higher level of value and understanding. After all, your class participants are investing valuable time and effort in you, so make it worth their while.

Be recruited and train to mastery

Clubs seek out Instructors that have a genuine passion for teaching, believe in the onetr1be community and mission for a fitter planet. A combination of personal drive and club support will assist you to evolve as a high quality, reputable member of the fitness industry. The confidence of knowing your classes are being delivered safely and effectively while bringing the right amount of “exertainment” is reassuring for your employer, participants and yourself. Are you a rockstar instructor?

Do you need guidance or support?

Please call the Les Mills Asia Pacific Instructor Specialist Team on 02 6282 8192 and speak with your very own State Representative. They're here to help you!

If you have a burning question that you need answered, no matter how big or small, let us know and it could feature in the next hot topic segment, so keep an eye out!