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November hot topic… Answered!



Here at Les Mills Asia Pacific, we are dedicated to helping our Instructors achieve greatness. In the interests of providing top quality, efficient support and advice for you, we have created a regular segment in our Connect newsletter. We discuss relevant topics that provide Instructors with valuable information. Our third topic in the series is “The importance of your Instructor Journey”

Initial Module Training is just the beginning of your Les Mills instructor journey. It is a green light for your endorsing club that indicates you show good potential as a Les Mills Instructor. Let the in-house mentoring begin!

The next step is Certification. Step by step in house mentoring can take about 12 weeks until each trainee reaches the point of being ready to take the certification leap. 

Did you know that if you've been trained for approximately 3 months in a Les Mills program, as a trainee, then you have the potential to become certified if you can meet certain criteria. Your next responsibility on the Les Mills Instructor journey is ensuring you qualify and meet the standards for certification. Once certified, you have the world at your feet! This qualification is internationally recognized, and is your stamp of integrity as a Les Mills Instructor. It gives your club peace of mind that you are teaching at the global minimum expected standard. They can be confident in knowing that for now your classes are delivered safely and effectively. This is also reassuring for paying members.

It is important to keep in mind that with any industry qualification, keeping your skills and knowledge current allows you to stay on top of your game. As part of the Les Mills Tr1be, you have a duty of care and responsibility to class participants to pass on top quality teaching and represent both yourself and the organisation to the highest standard. Ensuring you up skill is highly important and beneficial. If your quality of teaching is second to none, you can only expect more work as a result. Les Mills Asia Pacific Workshops, Les Mills Education, Advanced Instructor Modules (1 & 2) and self initiated research, are all great ways to ensure you are up to date with anything new in the realm of safe exercise, scientific study and new coaching tips etc to ensure you evolve as a high quality, reputable member of the fitness industry as a whole. 

Are you a strong Tr1be member, performing at the top of your game? Is it time to take the next step in your Instructor journey?

86% of AIM 1 & AIM 2 attendees felt that it assisted them to become a better quality Les Mills instructor*

Do you need guidance or support?

Please call the Les Mills Asia Pacific Instructor Specialist Team on 02 6282 8192 and speak with your very own State Representative. They're here to help you!

If you have a burning question that you need answered, no matter how big or small, let us know and it could feature in the next hot topic segment, so keep an eye out!

*Les Mills Workshop Instructor Survey, September 2016