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Q3 Program update straight from the Program Directors 2015-10-07

Q3 Program Update Straight from the Program Directors











With new moves in nearly every track, this release is a fresh fusion of strength and speed. There’s split-room circuit training patterns in track 4, upper and lower strength combinations in track 5, speed agility and power patterns in track 7 and some great posterior chain strength moves in track 10. This release is innovative and explosive!


An empowering and challenging release which includes the toughest track in BODYBALANCE history! Track 4 is both the longest and hardest track to date, with options throughout for everyone, instructors encourage a calm focus as strength and concentration is challenged both mentally and physically. With an abundance of new moves, including the Wild Thing in track 7, this release is fresh and empowering.


BODYCOMBAT is going through an exciting new facelift. With new moves like the Counter Force Squat Jump to strengthen kicking power and speed, and a wider variety of music, this release delivers an amazing workout appealing to a broader audience than ever before. Including a re-look at coaching, participants receive a truly satisfying experience from the very first class.


This release is guaranteed to ignite any dance floor. With choreographic input from international hiphop superstar Pariss Goebel, this release is fresher than ever. An abundance of the latest club bangers, and some awesome throw-backs, will have everyone, from the front to the back, making noise. As always, Dance School is overflowing with step by step directions for new moves and some coaching suggestions to help instructors build the energy in their classes.


Fast contraction tracks balanced out with slow compound exercises - this workout delivers on everything from calorie burning to strength building. With minimal recovery time, this release pushes the limits, strengthening and toning. With songs like hit single Uptown Funk, participants are challenged and uplifted, generating a deep since of achievement.


With an abundance of new patterns, BODYSTEP™ 101 is exciting and original. Track 9’s Speed Step has two new patterns, one of which is ‘The Sprinkler’ - similar in feel to the classic 80’s dance move – which brings plenty of fun to this workout. Plus, with new weighted exercises in Track 11 which target all areas of the shoulders and back muscles, this is full body training.

BODYVIVE 3.1 / 36

This release is packed full of BODYVIVE™ firsts. With the introduction of a cardio peak, a circuit style track and the incorporation of new moves like Double Pulse Plyo Lunges, Resisted Deadlifts and Tricep Extensions, this release is challenging and original.


Perfecting technique and progressive layers are the main focusses of this release. With new challenges for CXWORX™ regulars like the Atlas Lift, and a strong emphasis on setup for those newer to the program, this workout is well balanced with equal emphasis on glutes, shoulders, abs and back.

RPM 68

Uplifting and lively, RPM™ 68 is the challenging cardio based workout. Designed to accommodate all fitness levels, beginners and seasoned participants will feel all the physical and mental benefits of a great cardio class. With an explosive track 7, guaranteed to blow the energy through the roof, this release is one of the best yet.


A special celebratory release - SH’BAM turns 21! Like any 21st party this release is wild. With new moves, and a fresh fusion of Latin and jazz, this release is a celebration in every track.


With a brand new structure, LES MILLS GRIT™ 14 is even more challenging than the last. With the aim of pushing everyone to their absolute limit, this series incorporates tri-sets, drop-sets and tabata style training. Jumping Plate Snatches, Crocodile Crawls, Lateral Lunges and Bottom Half Pulsed Push-ups are just some of the new exercises that keep this series original and unique.