Group fitness members are proven to stay longer, visit more, and are less likely to cancel their membership. And recent evidence suggests that the majority of exercisers now favour a 60:40 split between in-gym and at-home workouts, and that 80% of members plan to continue using digital workouts, and 85% are ready to try a live class in their facility.

Partnering with Les Mills Asia Pacific gives you access to end-to-end, fully integrated group fitness solutions that are designed to optimise your business’ performance. This is achieved in the following ways:


Designed to help your members fall in love with fitness and your club, these omni-channel fitness solutions include: live in-club classes, LES MILLS® Virtual (scheduled and on-demand workouts in your studio), as well as at-home/on-the-go group fitness solutions such as LES MILLS+, live-streaming, and LES MILLS Content (online workouts hosted on your club’s own website or app, which can also include recorded live-stream).

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  • Fit Business News, Research & Insight Designed to help you achieve your business goals, this monthly eNewsletter delivers industry trends, program research, case studies, global insights, strategies to increase member acquisition and retention, and more.
  • Member Onboarding, Insight & Tools Our SMART START program is a proven framework for the best way to get your new members started – regardless of their exercise experience – and to ensure they stay actively engaged in your club for the long term.
  • Member Retention Marketing, Strategy & Content We’ll help you keep your current members engaged and coming back for more. This is achieved with the provision of full access to Marketing Studio, and a dedicated Business Partnership Manager who’ll deliver support, strategy and expertise to help you maintain a healthy and sustainable business.
  • Research & Insights Your dedicated Business Partnership Manager will visit your club in-person at least two times a year, to share with you the latest insights and research that will help move your club forward.
  • LES MILLS+ Consumer Marketing LES MILLS+ is an award-winning workout app, which is promoted globally to consumers. The benefit for you, as a Club Partner, is that it drives people (i.e., potential members) to your club, to try your Les Mills classes in person.
  • Member Acquisition Marketing, Strategy & Content With full access to the cutting-edge online platform called ‘Marketing Studio’, you can access and download professionally designed promotional collateral such as posters, digital wallpaper, signage, full marketing campaigns, social media assets, and more – all of which is specifically designed to attract, inspire and engage new members, and increase participation in your Les Mills classes.
  • Online Group Fitness Management Training This innovative course teaches Club Owners/Managers, as well as current and future Group Fitness Managers, the 8 Key Plays of Group Fitness Management. Available free to Club Partners, this course explores the proven tactics that have helped clubs all over the globe become some of the most profitable around the world.
  • Instructor Recruitment Tools Access the proven tools, guides and resources for successful Instructor recruitment, including how to run auditions and recruitment days, templates to help you rate your Instructors, and more!
  • Fit Planet Member Education This monthly eNewsletter delivers research-based tips, advice and findings. To support and educate your members so they can achieve their health and fitness goals, you can then extract, adapt and use this content in your own EDMs, social media posts, website or eNewsletters.
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  • Timetable Clinics Your group fitness timetable directly impacts the studio and member experience. Your dedicated Business Partnership Manager will provide a timetable analysis to help you increase class attendance.
  • Visuals Create eye-catching, inspiring interior designs that enhance the studio experience for your members, using the professionally created visuals provided in Marketing Studio.
  • AV Guidelines An optimal studio experience begins with a first-class AV set up. This is why we provide guidelines to help you deliver the best AV experience for your members in accordance with your club’s budget and goals.
  • Live, Live-Streaming & Virtual Apps Maximise the studio experience and reduce the likelihood of members seeking workout solutions outside your brand, by providing omni-channel fitness. (i.e. workout options both inside and outside the club, such as live, live-streaming and virtual Les Mills classes).
  • Les Mills Virtual Bike Convenience is a huge factor in creating a winning studio experience for your members. The Les Mills Virtual Bike has an integrated screen to display the globally popular Les Mills cycle workouts such as RPM®, LES MILLS SPRINT® and THE TRIP®. This means, any member can hop on and go, making it the simplest way for them to enjoy top international Presenters delivering the best workout experience on a bike – and it’s available on-demand, at a time that suits them!
  • Design You’ll tap into our 50+ years of expert advice and proven experience, to enhance the studio experience via an engaging and inspiring studio design.
  • SMART TECH Equipment Delivering maximum value for money, SMART TECH offers a sleek design, fast transitions between exercises, and ease of use with maximum comfort for your members. This award-winning, premium equipment has been rigorously tested to ensure long-term endurance, even with high volume usage; all of which equates to an unrivalled studio experience that your members will keep coming back for.
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  • Instructor Experience Les Mills Instructors boast a solid foundation of teaching and coaching skills, as a result of their participation in world-class training. This is critical considering the quality of Instructors is the most important factor for your GX participants, and because great instructors are 2.5 times more likely to win member referrals for you.
  • Refreshed Content For more than five decades, Les Mills has provided clubs with brand new choreography and workout music for each program, every three months. You’ll not find a more consistent, reliable and turnkey group fitness solution, which is why 21,000+ clubs in 110 countries deliver Les Mills classes.
  • Programs Backed By Science Every Les Mills class is scientifically designed to be safe and deliver results efficiently and effectively. In addition to fitness, we’re also in the business of motivation, which is why every Les Mills workout is designed to be a unique and memorable fitness experience that motivates members to keep coming back.
  • Original Music Did you know, Les Mills has been creating original workout music for over 30 years? We know what moves your people! Creating our own music is a Les Mills USP, but it’s also why every class has a winning soundtrack that your members love and continue to return for!
  • Instructor Training World-class Instructor training ensures your Les Mills classes are consistently of the highest standard. This ensures the ultimate workout experience for your members, which is essential for optimal member retention.





When you partner with Les Mills Asia Pacific, you’ll reap the benefits of a group fitness strategy that is backed by 50+ years of group fitness expertise and experience and join a global network of 21,000+ winning clubs. To further explore how to tap into a shortcut to group fitness success, contact your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.