While so much has changed in recent times, it’s still our people who drive members to join clubs in the first place, and as shown in the 2021 Global Fitness Report, it’s our people who are proving key to bringing them back to the club! Add to this, the fact our members now plan to work out both in-club and at home at a 60:40 split, and there’s a whole online/offline strategy you need to be on top of in order to future-proof your business. To help you tackle all of this – and more – we’ve produced an insightful and informative webinar series to provide practical information, tips and strategies to help you accommodate the unexpected, and succeed in the industry's ever-changing landscape. Enjoy!


One rockstar group fitness Instructor can attract and retain hundreds of members, so imagine what a team of awesome Instructors can do for your club! In this series of Webinars, you'll explore best practices to create a winning Instructor team; how to recognisee the key characteristics of a great Instructor; and the secrets to recruiting for a high-performance Instructor team.


This informative webinar series explores how LES MILLS® Virtual can benefit your business by attracting and retaining more member. You’ll learn how to implement Virtual; explore the options when starting out; discover the formula for success and the proven strategies to engage your members over the long term; and understand the support we’ll provide at every stage.


The Ultimate Group Fitness Solution provides digital strategies - both inside and outside your physical location – to keep your members connected to your club, and to help you reach new audiences. In this four-part webinar series, you’ll explore the winning formula for your club, and how to implement it to ensure your members keep coming back for more.

Recorded January 2022

Join Business Partnership Managers Lee Smith (WA & NT), Daniel Pollard (VIC) and Preecha 'PK' Sodsai (Thailand) to explore Group Fitness Team Engagement - what it is, how to create and retain it, and its impact on your club.

Recorded Friday 19 June 2020

Business Partnership Managers Tyler and Miriam sit down with Bill Richardson, the owner of Compact Monitor Systems Australia. From this experienced sound engineer, you’ll learn about the things clubs need to consider upon reopening, and how to leverage increased consumer demand for at-home workouts, to form a strong digital aspect for your business.

Recorded Thursday 18 June 2020

Business Partnership Managers Tyler and Miriam speak with Frank from Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre, who is the winner of the 2019 Quality Accredited Business of the Year award. In this session you’ll discover how they harnessed technology during shutdown, and how technology put them on the map as a destination club. You’ll also explore how clubs can create the best environments on both a large and small budget, including how things may change once clubs reopen.

Webinar 9: 10 Tips Surviving & Thriving COVID-19 For Fitness Centre
Recorded Wednesday 27 May 2020

Business Partnership Managers Samson & Iskandar share their comprehensive list of helpful resources on what to do during closure and reopening planning.

Webinar 8: The Science and Art of Motivation: Part 2
Recorded Thursday 21 May 2020

Australian Business Partnership Managers, Miriam and Tyler, are joined by Fiona Kriaris and Leisl Klaebe to discuss proven strategies to uniting and motivating diverse teams. You’ll discover if there are differences between how full-service clubs and boutiques motivate their teams, and the practical ways you can improve your current methods for even better results.

Webinar 7: The Science and Art of Motivation: Part 1
Recorded Tuesday 19 May 2020

Join two of our Business Partnership Managers, Tyler and Miriam for a discussion around the differences between financial and non-financial rewards. From this insightful chat you’ll discover the keys to long-term staff loyalty and engagement, by better understanding the key drivers of motivation and how you can inspire your team to bring their A-Game every day.

Webinar 6: Recruiting Key Players to Build a Winning Team - Part 2
Recorded Thursday 14 May 2020

Join Jasmine (Launch Coach) and Scott (Business Partnership Manager), who’ll take you through the steps to create and deliver a successful recruitment event. Joining them will be a regional club owner who is successfully targeting members and mentoring them into instructors; and as a National Group Fitness Manager from a growing chain - both of whom will explain how they built their instructor base using recruitment events and by targeting members across different locations.

Webinar 5: Recruiting Key Players to Build a Winning Team - Part 1
Recorded Tuesday 12 May 2020

We all understand how having the right instructor can generate long-term member retention, but finding the right staff is often one of the hardest tasks. Join Scott (Business Partnership Manager) and Jasmine (Launch Coach) for a truly insightful discussion where you'll learn:

  • How to identify "A-grade players"
  • Where to find them
  • How to attract them to your business

Webinar 4: The Importance of Metrics: Part 2
Recorded Thursday 7 May 2020

Join our Business Partnership Managers, Lee and Kathryn as they chat with the powerhouse duo that is Jon and Joely Davie from World Gym. You’ll discuss how the tools from Webinar 4 (Creating a Scoreboard) can drive real results for your club. You’ll also explore strategies they’ve implemented to grow their online presence and maintain a social connection with their members during the shutdown period.​

Webinar 3: The Importance of Metrics: Part 1
Recorded Tuesday 5 May 2020

Join two more of our Business Partnership Managers, Lee and Kathryn, as they explore the first component of successful group fitness management: creating a scoreboard. In this enlightening session you’ll learn how to:

  • Collect, interpret and use data from within your business
  • Drive success through increased attendance and retention
  • Implement some effective goal-setting tools to map out where you expect to land after the current situation
  • Strategise your growth after your doors reopen

Webinar 2: How To Create A Successful Online Business
Recorded Thursday 30 April 2020

Join two of our Business Partnership Managers, Miriam and Tyler as they chat with industry stakeholders to discuss the most successful strategies they’ve implemented during the shutdown period to maintain an income source, keep a social connection to their members, implement a membership referral plan, and continue to motivate their team.​

Webinar 1: Embracing the New Status Quo
Recorded Tuesday 28 April 2020

Join the LMAP Team of Business Partnership Managers for an open and honest discussion about the current industry climate. You’ll share in a complete rundown of the solutions that both Les Mills Asia Pacific and Les Mills International are delivering to Club Partners all over the globe. Plus, you’ll discover some innovative strategies to help you stay connected to your members during lockdown, which will help to ensure you’re among the first places they return to when restrictions are lifted.