Online Initial Training (Online IT) offers you maximum flexibility, enabling you to attend part of your Initial Training (IT) from the comfort of your own home or location of choice. It’s an ideal option if you are unable to travel to a city location or if an In-Person IT is not available on the Training Schedule.

With an Online IT, over two days, your Trainer-led sessions are live-streamed in real-time via Zoom. From this fully interactive experience, you’ll learn the skills, knowledge and techniques required to become a qualified Instructor in a Les Mills program of your choice.


Following are the technical and equipment requirements to take part in Days 1 and 2 of Online Initial Training:

As Online IT is a fully interactive training, and to ensure a seamless and enjoyable learning experience, please ensure that you read, understand and adhere to the technical requirements for Online IT

  • Laptop with a minimum 12-inch screen:
    • We recommend you use a laptop, due to microphone and other Zoom features being restricted or unavailable if using tablets or mobile phones.
  • Webcam:
    • You must have your camera turned on 100% of the time during your Online IT. This enables you to fully interact and engage with your Trainer and fellow participants at all times
  • Music player with speakers (separate from laptop):
    • This is used for your teaching practise
  • Wireless earbuds/headphones: For use when presenting 
    • Primarily required for use when presenting your allocated tracks to participants
  • Video camera (can be phone or tablet):
    • Used for recording your presentation
  • Fast and stable internet connection:
    • For maximum reliability, we recommend using a hard-wired internet connection over WiFi/wireless
  • Comfortable learning environment:
    • Ensure you have adequate space to move around freely.

For equipment-based Les Mills programs, you'll need to have access to certain equipment as part of your training. Unless otherwise stated, the Online IT fee does not include the supply of any equipment.

Barbell with interchangeable weights
Minimum weight requirement is 7.5kg per side
BODYSTEP® Aerobic step and small hand weights

Stationary fitness bike with interchangeable gears
LES MILLS TONE® Small hand weights
BODYBALANCE® A yoga mat is preferable, but the Online IT can be done without one
Les Mills Asia Pacific will supply a SMARTBAND® as part of your registration fee. However, we cannot guarantee that the SMARTBAND will arrive via post prior to Day 1 of your Online IT training. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you request to obtain a SMARTBAND or resistance tube from your endorsing club, in order to complete the Online IT pre-work.

“It was fun educational and I was engaged the whole time. It definitely was not death by PowerPoint! For someone who just signed up to their first Les Mills IT it was definitely a great experience.”

Elaine, LES MILLS SPRINT® Instructor


Both Online and In-Person ITs offer a unique and effective learning experience that will empower you with the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques that will lay the foundations for you to become a rockstar Les Mills Instructor. Remember, Online ITs still require you to attend Day 3 In-Person.

However, for Days 1 and 2, with Online ITs, you'll enjoy all the conveniences that come with participating from home, such as:

  • no travel and additional accommodation required​
  • no need to arrange pet sitting or child-minding services​​
  • you have a shower, changes of clothes and ample snacks close by​​
  • you can dress for a home-based workout.​​

To help you further understand how the Online and In-Person ITs compare, let's dispel some of the most commonly misunderstood facts around online training:

FACT: The pass rate of participants from Online ITs is the same as those achieved by attendees at In-Person ITs. These results have been monitored and tracked since Online IT was launched in August 2020.​

FACT: Whilst everyone learns differently, our Trainers are highly skilled educators who will provide the support and opportunities necessary to ensure you are set up to succeed. The feedback received about Online IT experiences includes comments such as: “Just loved it, overall. The Trainer was absolutely amazing! I was apprehensive about how I would engage in Masterclass and technique drills through a small screen, but she brought it all to life and made me feel at ease with the process.”

FACT: There is definitely a different type of interactivity at Online ITs; however, Online ITs are designed to be fully interactive. Your camera remains on for the entire two days, which means you’ll never miss a moment, and you can seek and receive all the direct interaction you need/want with your Trainer and the other Trainees. Feedback received includes: “The Trainer was incredible. Especially considering it was an online training, he made it so fun and engaging and made sure we were all included. Cannot thank him enough for a great experience.”​

FACT: Everyone learns differently; if you learn cues best by watching and listening, then online ITs will definitely suit you. This aside, our Trainers will establish and maintain a relationship with each Trainee, so as to encourage and retain engagement and keep motivation levels high. Days 1 and 2 provides you with many opportunities to physically practise technique and coaching, so if you learn by ‘doing’, you can also rest assured that your learning style is well catered to. Feedback received includes: “Extremely positive [experience]. I came out of the weekend feeling really motivated and inspired, and confident in progressing with the next eight weeks.” ​

FACT: While Online learning will always be a different experience to In-Person training, when it comes to ITs it’s absolutely not a lesser quality of product or experience. Feedback received includes: “…fun, informative and relevant. I was never bored and enjoyed the interaction even though the training was online.” ​

FACT: Online ITs are live-streamed in real-time via Zoom.


Prior to attending your Online IT, you'll need to complete a list of pre-work items, which will be emailed to you approximately 8-10 days before your Online IT. This pre-work includes video recordings of:

5 key movements (specified in the emaill)
Your allocated track recordings

In that same email, you’ll also receive your Program Manual, your Release Kit and other resources that you’ll use throughout your Days 1 and 2, 8-Week Journey and Day 3.

Becoming a Trained Les Mills Instructor requires you to have completed Days 1 and 2 of your Online IT. These 2 days, often described as "life-changing", are where you’ll learn the essential fundamentals of being an effective Instructor.

  • Program Essence
  • 5 Key Elements
  • Choreography Workshop
  • Class Formats
  • Instructor Resources
  • Technique Clinic 1
  • Coaching Clinic 1
  • 1st Presentation
  • Presentation Feedback
  • Technique
    • Layer 2 based instructions to enhance technique
  • Masterclass
  • Purpose and Values
  • Coaching Clinic 2
  • Technique Clinic 2
  • Self Practise time
  • 2nd Presentation
  • Coaching Clinic 3
  • Preparation for Video Assessment
  • Day 3 Highlights
  • Certification Requirements

Upon completing Day 2, you will need to record a video of yourself, teaching your allocated track, which demonstrates all the skills you have learned during your training. After your Trainer has reviewed your track, they will provide you with feedback about your strengths, as well as the key areas for you to focus on as you get started on your 8-Week Journey to Day 3.

After Days 1 and 2, you’ll head back to your Endorsing Club to practise and apply what you've learned via team-teaching. You’ll be provided with a Roadmap, which is a practical plan to help you set weekly goals and keep you progressing along your journey.

Throughout your 8-Week Journey, you’ll work with your Mentor from your Endorsing Club and our Instructor Specialist team.

Congratulations on completing your 8-Week journey. You’ve come along way, and this third day of your training is where you will showcase how to apply all that you’ve learned. You will be assessed by your Trainer against the standard criteria that all internationally certified Les Mills Instructors must meet.​

During Day 3, you’ll deliver three presentations of a randomly assigned a track from your training Release. Here’s what your Day 3 will look like:​

  • Presentation 1
  • Feedback Session 1
  • Technique Workshop 4
  • Presentation 2
  • Feedback Session 2
  • Performance Workshop 1
  • Final Presentation
  • Certification Results and feedback

Following successful completion of Day 3, you will be an internationally certified LM Instructor, ready to teach and help people falling love with fitness – just like you did.​

"An exciting, fun and immersive learning experience which has set me up well for my Les Mills Instructor journey."

Rebecca, BODYBALANCE® Instructor

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