Les Mills is proudly committed to creating the best group fitness experiences for your members so that they can achieve the results they want, which will keep them coming back. To ensure your Club’s timetable stays fresh, every three months we launch new Quarterly Releases for every Les Mills program, and we deliver them via Quarterly Workshops.

A key reason we’ve been able to maintain our status as the world’s most popular group fitness workouts is due to our unwavering commitment to the fanatical details that we apply when creating our new Quarterly Releases. As a Certified Les Mills Instructor, you have access to these Releases in conjunction with Quarterly Workshops. that are typically delivered in-person and online.

Backed by Science

BACKED By science

Research is part of our DNA; every Les Mills workout is scientifically tested to deliver optimum results to ensure that your members fall in love with fitness and keep coming back to you.

Bryce Hastings, Head of Research, and his team are responsible for testing the effects of our programs and works closely with universities and experts around the world to ensure that Les Mills remains at the cutting-edge of exercise science. It’s this investment into program development that sets us apart. We thrive in our responsibility to produce safe workouts that people can enjoy repeatedly and get results. Every new Release is trialled more than 50 times before we finalise and film it.


Digital Kit Portal

The Digital Kit Portal is where you access and download your Digital Release Kits (Masterclass video, music and choreography notes).


Releases app

The Releases app is a unique educational and learning tool for Les Mills Instructors. This app provides immediate access to the Releases that you've purchased, ensuring easy learning.

We do not recommend using the Releases App as your music source while teaching classes. For optimum stability and reliability during your class - and to create the best experience for your members – please download your music onto a music player or mobile device.


Everything old is new again (or so it seems these days), so it’s great news that you can purchase Back-Releases from up to two years from their initial launch date. This means, if you’ve experienced a Release in the past that you’d love to teach now, it may still be available for purchasing.


Opportunities exist for Les Mills Instructors to attend the Masterclass Filming events. Keep an eye on this page on this page for updates on these opportunities.


For over 50 years Les Mills has been committed to investing significant time and resources to ensure the Digital Release Kits are second to none. For continued innovation and delivery of incredible workout experiences however, it’s critical that we operate sustainably. To achieve this, we provide unrivalled value, education and support. Of course, the only way we can tell if you love and appreciate the Quarterly resources that Les Mills produces, is if you purchase your Digital Release Kits and submit your feedback – these are the ways to help us meet your needs as an Instructor.

Our mission is to make the world a fitter planet. And it all starts with you, our Instructors.