Club Spotlight: Base Cycle Studio

Base Cycle Studio in Temora in New South Wales (Australia) is the area’s only Les Mills-affiliated studio. Boasting a highly supportive environment where clients discover their inner athlete through participation in exciting indoor cycling and equipment-based programs such as RPM®, BODYSTEP® and BODYPUMP®.

Owner, Georgina Breust says “Les Mills has a great reputation in my small town (based on previous gyms and those in surrounding towns), and essentially an existing client base. Drawing on this, I started with RPM as it was my own personal passion. Then I added the strength class BODYPUMP to balance out the cardio in RPM, and another cardio option in BODYSTEP.”

“I began with RPM and created a core following from there, but BODYPUMP definitely has brought new clients, and provided another exercise option for existing clients. It’s also been great to offer something to clients who do not like RPM. RPM in itself is an outstanding option for clients who are returning to exercise, or just starting out. It has been very successful for that sector of clients.”

“Les Mills classes attract participants because they are guaranteed to be challenging and motivating workouts, no matter who the instructor is. Plus, the music makes every workout a winner too!”

“We use SMARTBAR® and SMARTSTEP® equipment and initially, my clients thought the LES MILLS ™ SMART TECH gear looked very cool and unlike anything they had ever used; almost futuristic. Since using it though they love how easy it is to use, its high quality, and they especially love how the weights for the SMARTBAR double as hand weights. It makes transitions during BODYPUMP very easy and fast. Plus, when you invest in SMART TECH gear you really do show your clients that you are investing in them.”

To other facilities considering adding Les Mills programs Georgina says “DO IT! They are fail-safe programs with awesome music that motivates and inspires! You know that every workout will be quality as it is programmed and designed by professionals. PLUS the instructor gets their workout in too, which is important for some coaches.”

To find out how Les Mills programs can help more members fall in love with your club, contact your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.


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