Thousands of fitness fans from all over Australia and various parts of the world came together for a one-of-a-kind training experience led by Program Directors from New Zealand and the next generation of Trainers and Presenters from across Australia and Southeast Asia.



Glen Ostergaard
Lisa Osborne
Des Helu
Meno Thomas
Summer Bradley
Marlon Woods
Presenters from Australia & Southeast Asia


*Multi-program refers to four or more programs



LES MILLS LIVE is the ultimate training festival, where thousands of Instructors and fitness fans come together to participate in their favourite Les Mills programs. Masterclasses are led by a handpicked selection of the world’s most inspirational Program Directors and Presenters from across Asia Pacific.

When and where is it happening?

LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane is coming to the Royal International Convention Centre (ICC) at the showgrounds on 3.MAR.24.

What do I need to check-in at the event?

Every attendee must check in. Your photo ID or Passport will be required for check-in at registration. A digital version of this shown on your device to our registration staff will be sufficient to get you checked into the event.

Why aren’t all the Les Mills programs on offer at LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane?

Delivering a LES MILLS LIVE event is a massive undertaking, and for the LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane experience to fit into a weekend schedule, it does mean that some programs are unable to be included this time around.

Are there Cycle sessions at LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane?

There are no Cycle classes on offer at LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane; however, we will be hosting RPM, LES MILLS SPRINT and THE TRIP sessions off-site the day before LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane on 2nd March 2024 at a separate location 10 minutes away from Royal ICC. Some of these Masterclasses will feature a special guest Presenter from New Zealand. Watch your inbox and check the website for details.

How will LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane impact the Q1.24 Workshops?

In Australia, LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane will replace In-Person Workshops for Quarter 1 in 2024.


The following equipment will be provided for sessions at LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane:

  • BODYPUMP®: SMARTBAR® + Generation 2 weight plates (e.g., 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg) + SMARTSTEP®
  • BODYSTEP®: SMARTSTEP® + Generation 2 weight plates (e.g., 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg)
  • BODYBALANCE®: No mats provided. Please bring your own.​
  • LES MILLS SHAPES™: LES MILLS Sculpt Bands. Note: No mats provided so please bring your own.​

NOTE ABOUT MATS: Mats will NOT be provided at sessions so please bring your own. There will be a limited supply of mats for sale onsite. More details coming soon.​

Can I buy SMART TECH fitness equipment onsite at LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane?​

YES! Check back here soon for full details.

Will there be souvenir merchandise available for sale at LES MILL LIVE Brisbane?​

Yes! Check back here soon for full details.​

Do you have to be a Les Mills Instructor to attend?

No, you don’t. While LES MILLS LIVE events are incredible learning experiences for Instructors, everyone is welcome to attend, and all fitness levels are catered for.

How does the pricing work for LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane?

For LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane, you can buy Single-Program or Multi-Program tickets.

Single-Program tickets refers to buying one ticket for each Les Mills program session that you want to attend. These tickets are ideal if you want to attend one, two or three different sessions at LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane.

If you want to attend four or more program sessions, then a Multi-Program ticket delivers the best bang for your buck. Essentially, the more sessions you attend, the more money you’ll save.

I don’t know whether to buy a Multi-Program or Single-Program ticket – please help!

If you plan to attend four or more sessions at LES MILLS LIVE Brisbane, then a Multi-Program ticket will be your most cost-effective option. If you only want to attend between one and three sessions, then opt for the Single-Program ticket.

I bought Early Bird tickets and now want to add more sessions on, but Early Bird has ended. Can I still pay Early Bird rates?

While you can absolutely buy more session tickets after Early Bird prices have ended; however, after the Early Bird price cut-off date has passed, any additional purchases will be subject to Regular pricing.

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