This series of digital events are designed to support you as a fitness leader within your community and equip you with the tools to navigate this new landscape.

Join us as we explore topics from leadership and self-care, to technique and personal development. Focus on how you can show up for yourself and your community while we all learn how to adapt to the ‘new normal’.


Instructors have a deep desire to help others reach their potential. However, in order to do this effectively, it’s important to first look inward to understand who you are and the “why” that motivates you. Join us for this webinar designed to help you dive deeper into understanding yourself and how to unlock your emotional drivers by tapping into your “why”.

Presented by:
Dave Kyle Les Mills US National Trainer Team Director

High performing teams – using trust to drive culture

A team’s success is highly dependent upon a team’s culture. Being able to trust the people you work with is the foundation of that culture. Join us for this webinar with Les Mills International Ambassador Marlon Woods, as we discuss the keys to developing trust and improving performance among your team.

Presented by:
Marlon Woods Les Mills International Ambassador, Trainer & Presenter


How are you limiting yourself when you don’t believe you can perform under pressure? Personal growth means embracing discomfort, even when under stress. In this webinar, we will discuss how performance is compromised in these “pressure zones” and share tools you can use to reframe and control the limiting beliefs that pop up when faced with uncomfortable situations.

Presented by:
Bryce Hastings | Head of Research Cambria
Camillo-Smith | Les Mills International Trainer & Presenter


How do you know how much and what you should eat daily? Join us for this webinar and learn how to fuel your workout and your life. Track your nutrition for a day prior to the webinar on My Fitness Pal and learn how to evaluate your current intake for quality energy that will boost your training.

Presented by:
Jinger Gottschall, PhD Research Scientist & Fitness Consultant

Returning to group exercise post lockdown: all you need to know

As we return to group exercise and instructing in a live setting, we know things will be different than they were before COVID-19, and it’s important to be prepared. Join us for a discussion on what to expect as group fitness begins to resume, how to reconnect with your members and best practice guidelines before, during and after your classes to ensure both you and your members feel safe and confident.

Presented by:
Bryce Hastings | Head of Research, Les Mills International Josh Keenum | Les Mills US Trainer & Presenter Jenn Lucas | Les Mills US Trainer, Assessor & Presenter

BODYATTACK® Update and Q&A session with lisa osborne

Join us for this Facebook Live with Lisa Osborne as she discusses highlights from BODYATTACK 109, filming BODYATTACK 110 and how to teach BODYATTACK in the live class setting with social distancing in place. This session will also include a live Q&A with Lisa, so come ready with all your burning questions.

Presented by:
Les Mills Program Director, BODYATTACK & Creative Director, BODYSTEP

Supercharge your immune system

Awareness of our immune system and our vulnerability to illness has never been greater. Join us for this webinar where Les Mills Head of Research, Bryce Hastings will discuss the key factors that determine whether your immune system is performing optimally and provide tips and tricks to give you immunity superpowers.

Presented by:
Bryce Hastings Head of Research, Les Mills International

Giving your values a voice

Join Program Director Dan Cohen in this hands-on, engaging session to discover your values. This session will deep dive into what drives you and set the platform for optimal performance in a time when we need it most.

Presented by:
Dan Cohen Les Mills Program Director, BODYCOMBAT & LES MILLS CORE


Join Program Director Dan Cohen as he helps you dive deeper into what’s beneath your surface. This follow up to Dan’s popular session, 'Giving Your Values a Voice', will assist you on your journey to self-understanding by providing insight into how your needs and feelings beneath the surface affect your actions and interactions with others.

Presented by:
Les Mills Program Director, BODYCOMBAT & LES MILLS CORE


When used effectively, an instructor's voice has the power to connect, motivate, support and take participants on a musical journey. After not having taught classes for a while however, your voice is likely deconditioned due to not having to project it for teaching. In the same way that we need to work on our physical fitness to prepare to teach classes again, we also need to work on rebuilding our vocal fitness.  ​

In this webinar, you'll learn the techniques used by professional voice coaches to help actors, performers and singers build their vocal fitness so they can deliver powerful and memorable vocal performances; and the different ways to use your voice to coach, support and motivate your classes as they work on regaining their own physical fitness after months away from classes.​ ​

Webinar Speakers:
Pete Peterson & Sam Winter​ ​

Pete is a Presenter in the Les Mills GRIT®, Les Mills SPRINT® and BODYPUMP® programs and a facilitator for Advanced Training. Pete’s 20+ years’ experience teaching Les Mills classes, all began after a Tom Jones bicep track during a BODYPUMP class showed him how magic group fitness is – from there he was hooked! Outside the fitness industry, Pete has worked in education, law enforcement and sport. He’s completed extensive training in leadership, coaching and mentoring, and has presented both nationally and internationally. A lesser known fact is that Pete also loves BODYJAM®.​ ​​

Sam is a trainer and presenter for RPM® and Les Mills Sprint®. Originally from Tasmania, Sam now lives in Melbourne and has been involved in the fitness industry for 10+ years, during which time he’s had many roles including club management, group fitness and personal training. Sam’s first group fitness experience saw him dragged to an indoor cycling class by a friend. He enjoyed the combination of movement and music and was instantly hooked! Some of the content from today's session is drawn from insights gained by Sam after having undertaken voice coaching to help improve the delivery of content at modules and during class teaching.​


With live-streaming classes now a thing across many club platforms throughout Asia Pacific, it’s a good time to brush up on your ‘teaching to camera’ skills. This session was designed to help clubs and instructors to deliver online classes effectively, including helpful tips for first-timers or those with limited ‘teaching to camera’ experience.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Riyo Fukunaga is the Head Trainer and Trainer Team Manager for Southeast Asia. She’s also the BODYBALANCE® Head Program Coach, a Les Mills Barre® Trainer and a Les Mills TONE® Presenter. Originally from Japan, Riyo has travelled to many countries and been exposed to many cultures. Her biggest passion now is to create fitness addictions through Les Mills Training in all the countries and cultures she gets to work with. Riyo’s favourite quote is "A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could, because someone else thought they could." You can connect with Riyo on Instagram @mamamiley_riyo

Stephanie Angkiriwang, also known as “Angki”, is a multi-talented member of Les Mills Asia Pacific Team. Based in Singapore, she is a dedicated BODYCOMBAT® and LES MILLS CORE® Trainer, and Presenter for BODYPUMP® and RPM®. Angki started her fitness journey at the age of 16, back in her home country of Indonesia. A strong believer of empowerment through exercises, Angki learned how to believe in herself through her fitness journey, and is passionate about sharing her experience with others by exercising together. Angki loves reading good books over good coffee and her personal motto is “Excelsior!” which means “ever upward”. You can connect with Angki in Instagram @angkii

Tevita is an Instructor and Presenter for both Les Mills Asia Pacific and Les Mills New Zealand. He is also currently the Group Fitness Manager for Viva Leisure facilities, and has an impressive background in sales, personal training, presenting, group fitness management, and club management. He is also a former rugby coach in both Australia and New Zealand. Tevita is father to an almost two-year-old, and in his downtime he is a master baker, specialising in white chocolate brownies, and he was once the fastest person to eat the largest burger in New Zealand. You can connect with Tevita via Instagram @baldfitnessdad


Drawing on research and clinical practice with dancers, athletes and fitness professionals, this webinar will help you to unpack some of the potential responses to this difficult time, and give you practical tools to manage your mental health and build resilience. It also explored the psychology behind why the current COVID-19 situation has implications for mental health; how we as fitness instructors can manage during this time of change; strategies to improve mental health right now; and strategies to assist instructors in being mentally ready to re-emerge when gyms reopen.

Webinar Speakers:
Amanda Breen & Inge Gnatt​ ​

Amanda Breen is the People and Culture Director for Les Mills Asia Pacific, responsible for providing strategic direction to the Trainer and Presenter Teams in Australia and South East Asia, in addition to supporting the performance and culture goals of the LMAP business through people development. Amanda's career in human Resources, Learning and Development and Organisational Development spans over 15 years, as does her fitness career, as a National Trainer and Presenter in RPM, SPRINT and BODYJAM. Dedicated to ongoing learning and education, Amanda has qualifications in Human Resource Management, Positive Psychology & Wellbeing and Organisational Coaching, and is passionate about using this learning to help teams and individuals thrive. You can connect with Amanda on Instagram @arbreen​​

Inge Gnatt (BDance, GradDipPsych, BPsych(Hons)) is a Registered Provisional Psychologist and PhD Candidate based at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. For her PhD research, Inge is investigating the role of compassion in the process of recovery from eating disorders and trauma, and alongside her research and clinical work she works as a consultant to organisations in inclusion, capability and engagement. Prior to training in her first Les Mills program BODYATTACK in 2007, Inge trained and worked for many years in full time ballet and contemporary dance, and found that a shift into instructing gave her the physicality that was such an integral and important part of her life. Inge is a trainer, presenter and program performance coach in BODYBALANCE, LES MILLS BARRE and trainer and presenter in LES MILLS CORE in Australia. Inge loves the diversity of challenge in the different facets of her work with Les Mills, and is grateful for the interactions she has had with all the people she has met along the way. You can connect with Inge via Instagram @ingegnatt


This session was designed to help you to feel more comfortable and confident using social media to best communicate with your community and build your social media presence. From this discussion you’ll gain an understanding of social media, tips to building your personal brand on social media, effective content creation, audience engagement and more.

Webinar Speakers:
Johnny Pawliw & Luke Etzler​

Johnny became a Les Mills Instructor in 2004 after falling in love with BODYSTEP®. In 2006 he became a BODYJAM® Presenter, and today he is the Presenter Performance Coach for BODYCOMBAT®, BODYJAM® and SH’BAM® and presents for Les Mills SPRINT®. It was his obsession with the Aerobics Oz Style TV show that drew Johnny used to Group Fitness classes even creating his own aerobics classes at home! His personal motto is “Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow”. You can connect with Johnny (who incidentally can solve a Rubix Cube in less than 2 minutes!) on Instagram @johnnypawliw or Facebook @johnny.pawliw

After joining a gym at age 21, Luke Etzler fell in love with BODYCOMBAT® so fast that he immediately began doing five to six classes per week; and it was just eight months after that first class when Luke undertook his Instructor training. That was in 2006 and today, Luke is a BODYCOMBAT®, BODYATTACK® and SH’BAM® Instructor and Presenter, while also being certified in six other Les Mills programs. In both training and life in general, Luke believes that “Cool things happen when you’re having fun and doing the things you enjoy”. You can connect with Luke on Instagram @luke_etzler or Facebook @luke.etzler.9


We’re all weathering the COVID-19 storm as best we can, so why not spend a little of your iso-time with the CEO of Les Mills Asia Pacific, Ryan Hogan? In this enlightening webinar, Ryan addressed questions submitted by our Instructor Tribe members.

Presented by:
Ryan Hogan & Panel