Introduction to Advanced Training, from Jackie Mills


What does a great class look and feel like to you? Remember those times when you’ve come away feeling amazing with your teaching - where everything just felt right? With Advanced Training you’ll learn how to create that experience in every single class you deliver.

With Advanced Training you’ll learn how to bring out more of the authentic YOU in your classes, by exploring the three dimensions of: Connect, Educate and Motivate, and how each element, when blended together, enhances the experience for both your participants and yourself.

You’ll also explore the process to transform from an Instructor into an accomplished Group Fitness Leader, by understanding your WHY and your values; by learning how to lead from the front; by harnessing the essence of your program; and by understanding how to share that enjoyment we all feel when we are confident enough to own our space!

Your Initial Training taught you amazing foundational tools; with Advanced Training, you’ll step it up a level by learning how to self-review; by exploring why you do what you do; by identifying what you are doing well; and by examining areas for future development. You’ll also delve into the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and explore surefire ways to exchange them for empowering beliefs.

Advanced Training will take your teaching skills to unprecedented new levels by providing you with proven tools to pack your classes and secure longevity in your teaching. WHY? Because it’s all about YOU and your development!

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Read the following statements and if any of them ring true for you, then Advanced Training should definitely be added on your ‘to do’ list!


Advanced Training will provide you with skills that will:

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Kylie Gates
Les Mills International Creative Director

“When you understand your why, teaching becomes more than a job – it becomes something you will go the extra mile for because you are committed to the purpose.”


Advanced Training is a two-day, in-person training, held in a licensed club/facility.

Similar to Days 1 and 2 of your Initial Training, you’ll be allocated one track on the day of your training, your Trainer and you will then work with this track over the course of Days 1 and 2 to identify how you can integrate the concepts discussed into your teaching. You will also reflect, develop, watch videos, and gain incredible insights into how to deliver the experience in your classes; plus there is lots of time for reflection and self-assessment.

At the end of the training, you will be given receive a certificate of Completion and an Advanced Training Development Plan for you to work on and used as a guide to continue achieving your Greatness as an Les Mills Instructor

Your two-day training will typically look like this (but may be subject to change):


  • Welcome and course overview
  • Discuss the concept of leadership and explore:
    • your WHY for teaching
    • your values as an Instructor and how you can stay true to these values when you teach
    • “limiting beliefs” that may holding you back
    • “empowering beliefs” that enable you to deliver your best class
  • Revisit the program essence
  • Explore the importance of showing enjoyment, including identifying your own enjoyment, and how you show it when you teach


  • Welcome
  • Discuss how to enhance experience and connection by:
    • being present in the class and how to respond to the people in front of you
    • exploring how you connect with people
  • Explore how to motivate and educate via:
    • The four key ways to motivate
    • using intrinsic motivation
    • team-teaching with the music
    • teaching with contrast
    • using external objectives
    • how you educate in class
  • Understand how to blend dimensions
  • Identify your natural strengths
  • Present your track
  • Receive final Trainer guidance and development plan

Whether you’ve been teaching for 5 months or 25 years, Advanced Training is the key to achieving your next stage of Instructor excellence. Not only will you improve your teaching skills, motivation and outcomes, but you’ll also take away skills that will positively impact your life outside the group fitness studio.

View the Advanced Training Schedule and book online via the Instructor Portal.

Initial Training can provide you with 15 CECs (for re-registration with AUSactive),
or 60 points towards your FITREC Education Rating.

Become a Leader with Kylie Gates

Pete Peterson
Les Mills Asia Pacific Advanced Trainer

"To dive deep into your emotions and understand why you do what you do is so powerful, confronting and liberating all in one. Advanced Training is an amazing experience and the two days is really only the beginning!"


Stephanie Angkiriwang
Les Mills Asia Pacific Advanced Trainer

"Advanced Training has helped me to conquer my limiting belief and bring the right state of mind to be the best version of myself when I teach and bring better experience for the participants"

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View the Advanced Training Schedule and book online via the Instructor Portal.


This game-changing course is designed to help you find your strengths as an Instructor and discover a whole range of ideas to grow your teaching. You will learn how to:

  • fill your classes
  • have longevity in teaching
  • become the Instructor you want to be
  • how to be grounded in the essence of your program
  • how to enhance the workout experience for your participants – every time
  • how to become a winning Group Fitness leader.
Initial Training equipped you with the foundations to teach and Advanced Training is your next step for further developing your greatness as an Instructor.

Absolutely. You can complete Advanced Training in any or all of the programs that you are certified to teach.

The fitness industry is always evolving and changing. Advanced Training helps you achieve longevity in your teaching, by giving you the skills to remain at the forefront, and to help you keep as many participants as possible, coming back to your classes!

Les Mills Creative Director Kylie Gates says that approximately 80 per cent of the content is completely new. “Advanced Training is a totally different experience from doing AIM 1 and 2. There is a new focus on leadership, which will absolutely change your state of mind when you teach, as well as the experience you create for your participants – and the enjoyment you receive from teaching.”

Advanced Training has new and evolved content and is, therefore, worthwhile for all Instructors to attend, even if you’ve completed AIM 1 and/or AIM 2 (which have now been phased out).

Where AIM 1 enhanced your coaching and refined your technique, Advanced Training now adds a whole new dimension to your teaching, with its focus on leadership and finding your own authentic way to dial up your connection and performance, so you can become the Instructor you want to be.

Facilitator in Advanced Training Nikki Snow says “It has led me to approach my classes with a totally different mindset, and made me feel more fulfilled as an Instructor. It helped me not only work on my Les Mills teaching, but has also made an impact in my personal life.”

No, your Advanced Instructor status will remain as is.

Your “Advanced Instructor” status will apply only to that program. Your other certification statuses will remain as is.

If you previously completed AIM 1 and AIM 2 in a specific Les Mills program and are already an “Elite Instructor” then you will retain that status for that program. This status remains the same, even if you complete Advanced Training in that same program.

No, there are no Elite assessments linked to Advanced Training. This is because the content focuses on you as an individual and giving you tools to develop over time to become the best Instructor you can be. If you’ve achieved the Elite status previously through AIM 1 and AIM 2 then you will remain an “Elite Instructor” in that program.

We’d encourage all Instructors to attend Advanced Training, ideally after they’ve gained at least six months of teaching experience and within a year of being certified. When you feel that you have mastered the foundations of teaching, that is the right time then then take the next step in your development by booking in to Advanced Training.

You can book through the Les Mills Asia Pacific Instructor Portal.