LES MILLS Recorded Live-Stream enables LES MILLS Content Partners to create a premium and consistent brand experience, by offering a centralised on-demand video library of Les Mills workouts that feature your very own Instructors.​​

Your members can then access these workout videos at their convenience, which further strengthens the connections with your club.​​

To learn more or to find out how to become a LES MILLS Content Partner, contact your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.​​

Frequently Asked Questions​

LES MILLS Recorded Live-Stream enables clubs with a current LES MILLS Content partnership, to create and offer to their members a centralised library of recorded live-stream workouts.

Les Mills supplies license-free music for the relevant Releases. Club Partners then film their own Instructors teaching live-stream workouts for the Les Mills programs that they are licensed to deliver. The recording is then saved and stored on the club’s own platform to create an on-demand video library. Note: tracks MAY NOT be mixed and matched or part-recorded.

Les Mills specifically obtains license-free music for LES MILLS Recorded Live-stream. This is necessary in order for the workouts to be live-streamed and recorded, and so that Club Partners are not required to acquire additional music licenses.

LES MILLS Recorded Live-Stream is available to Club Partners with a current LES MILLS Content partnership. Once created, the library of LES MILLS Recorded Live-Stream videos are accessible through the platform or app that the club uses to deliver LES MILLS Content. Of course, Club Partners can only create LES MILLS Recorded Live-Streams of the programs they are licensed in (e.g., if you are licensed for BODYPUMP® and BODYBALANCE® then you may only record and store LES MILLS Recorded Live-Streams for BODYPUMP and BODYBALANCE Releases).

LES MILLS Recorded Live-stream is an extension of the new LES MILLS Content offering, and has been designed to provide additional value to Club Partners who are currently expanding their digital strategy.

For LES MILLS Recorded Live-Stream, Club Partners may only record a program that they are licensed to offer. Club Partners must also use a Les Mills Instructor who is certified to teach the specific program they are recording. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that the Instructor is a regular on the timetable, as this will seamlessly connect your digital and live experiences together.

Assets for LES MILLS Recorded Live-Stream will be provided directly to the Club Partner, via the Les Mills cloud. The assets will include:

  • Program choreography notes
  • Music files
  • Metadata and thumbnail images.
The Club Partner will then manage the control and distribution of these materials to the Instructors who are being filmed for the LES MILLS Recorded Live-Stream library.

NOTE: No Masterclass video will be provided as part of the asset pack. Instructors who have purchased the Release (or whose club has purchased the Release for them) will have access to that Release’s Masterclass video via the Releases App or Instructor Portal (and the choreography remains the same). For example, if a Club Partner licensed for BODYPUMP wants to live-stream BODYPUMP 117, Les Mills Asia Pacific will provide the club with access to the license-free versions of the music for that Release. The Instructor being filmed can then simply apply the choreography for BODYPUMP 117 to the license-free music.

If an Instructor does not already have access to the Masterclass video, Releases are available for purchase via the online Instructor Portal.

There are no restrictions on the number of Releases per program that a Club Partner can record and offer to its members. However, Partners must follow the guidance around program durations and formats (i.e., you MAY NOT create your own cut-down versions of a program). You can also ONLY record the Releases where materials have been provided by Les Mills.

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