Club Spotlight: Pinnacle Health Clubs, Victoria

by Les Mills Asia Pacific


Pinnacle Health Clubs has six locations across Melbourne and for more than 10 years, LES MILLS programs have been a staple offering in their Oakleigh, Scoresby and Upwey clubs. In February 2020, Pinnacle introduced LES MILLS CORE™ and SMART TECH equipment to the Oakleigh location.

Sam McCutcheon is Pinnacle’s Operations Manager. She said, “Our members were ready for a change in their week and LES MILLS CORE™ is, literally, a great addition for everyone. This program provides a new challenge for all members, as well as an opportunity for a shorter length program.

“To us, program success is indicated by having our members become raving fans,” explains Ms McCutcheon. “And this is confirmed by seeing them enjoy the experience and the challenge, and when a following of the LES MILLS CORE program is created.”

“SMART TECH is so so easy to use, it’s a much more elegant set up than old style equipment, is completely functional and space saving in our group fitness room” - Sam McCutcheon, Operations Manager

She added, “Providing an experience comes just as much from how we offer a Les Mills class to what we offer and who delivers it,” adds Ms McCutcheon. “SMART TECH very much adds the sharp element to our group fitness studio equipment. It creates a seamless member experience, is nice, sleek easy-to-load bars and SMART STEPS™, enabling our members to set up and get into the zone in a faster, more practical way. And this big inclusion of SMART TECH shows we are committed to providing the best experience for our members.”

“For us, the appeal of SMART TECH lay in its sleek lines, it being so so easy to use, it’s a much more elegant set up than the old style equipment, is completely functional, and space saving in our group fitness room.”

Member feedback has been quick to receive and resoundingly positive, with comments such as “We love our new equipment, it has been the missing piece to our group fitness experience!” providing initial indicators of the program’s future success.

“We’re thankful to Les Mills for always looking at ways we can service our members better and also encourage prospects,” concluded Ms McCutcheon.

For more information about how SMART TECH fitness equipment and LES MILLS CORE can help your club engage, attract and retain more members, contact your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.


Les Mills Asia Pacific