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Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Dallas Blacklaw is a multi-program Les Mills Trainer and Presenter, as well as Les Mills Asia Pacific’s Team Coach for LES MILLS SPRINT®.

Over the years, Dallas has built an impeccable reputation in the fitness industry. Lee Smith, Director of BODY BIKE in Asia Pacific and a legend in the cycle community, has known Dallas since he started his Les Mills Instructor journey. Lee says, “Dallas is a worker. He was destined to be great. He has always been so passionate and keen to learn what he needed to in order to achieve whatever he set out to do. He’s a great example of ‘keep going forward’, and with all his achievements as a leading international Les Mills Presenter, Dallas remains so grounded. He is still always asking questions around how we can do things differently and better. His legacy will be that he wants the next generation of Instructors to be better than him, which is a very very high bar.”

LMAP: Please tell us about yourself.

I’m Dallas Blacklaw, and I’m lucky enough to work full-time in the sport and fitness industry. My roles include Trainer, Presenter, and LES MILLS SPRINT® Team Coach for Les Mills Asia Pacific; personal trainer HIIT facility coordinator; group fitness instructor; and running and performance footwear specialist. I have been teaching Les Mills programs since 2006 and I’m trained in LES MILLS SPRINT, RPM®, THE TRIP®, LES MILLS GRIT®, LES MILLS TONE® and BODYPUMP®.

LMAP: What inspired you to become a Les Mills Instructor?

A career change in my late 20s, led to me completing a Diploma of Sport and Recreation, which included my Certificates III and IV in Fitness (the qualifications required to be a fitness professional in Australia).

Studying fitness full-time allowed me to explore my passion for triathlon training and racing. It was on one of my training rides when friends mentioned they had just returned from Auckland and tried this amazing cycle class called ‘RPM’. Their faces lit up as they described the vibe of the class, the music, the motivating Instructor, and just how beneficial they found it for their outdoor cycling performance. So, once I had completed my Diploma, I trained in RPM (Release 30).

LMAP: You’re also trained in LES MILLS SPRINT. What do you love most about this program?

I think LES MILLS SPRINT is one of the most challenging of the Les Mills programs, for all participants, regardless of your starting point or training history. This is because there are training variables and heart rate training zones to challenge you, wherever you are in your own fitness journey. I really love the honesty of SPRINT because the fitness benefits received are a true reflection of the intensity and effort you put in.

LMAP: How do you explain to people, the difference between RPM and LES MILLS SPRINT?

SPRINT is high intensity training on a bike, with the focus on working as hard as you can in the efforts, driven by the music and the use of load and tempo; and then resting as best you can during the breaks. The intention is to have your heart rate at 80 to 85 per cent of your maximum, for 20 of the 30-minute session.

In contrast, RPM is cardio peak training with the focus on connection with the music and the class to create a cycling journey of contrast and enjoyable challenge. The responsibility of highlighting and role modelling the difference between SPRINT and a 30-minute RPM format lies with us – the Instructors – as we have the knowledge and understanding of what makes SPRINT, SPRINT.

The specific SPRINT coaching language we use, our tone and vocal intent influences the experience your participants receive.

LMAP: What do you love about being a Les Mills Instructor?

Being a Les Mills Instructor has brought so many amazing people and experiences into my life. The thing I love the most is being able to use the framework of Les Mills programs as a foundation, but then I can totally be myself when I teach and use my natural strengths and personality quirks to connect with the people in the class. I feel like it’s my job to assist them to move in a way that is fun and at times challenging, but which at the same time encourages them to improve and create the best version of themselves.

LMAP: What would you tell someone who is considering becoming a Les Mills Instructor, but doesn’t quite feel ready to start?

If you enjoy movement, music, and making a difference in your community; or if you’ve had a Les Mills Instructor positively impact your life and you’d like to do that for somebody else, then you ARE ready!

Initial Module Training (IMT) is one of the best Instructor training programs in the world in terms of process and education, ensuring you have the tools to become an amazing Instructor.

If you’re looking for a role that makes a real difference in people’s lives and gives you incredible job satisfaction, then bust out of your comfort zone and start the journey to changing lives, including your own, by signing up today to do your IMT!

LMAP: Where on social media can people follow you?

Instagram: d_j_b_law
Facebook: Dallas Blacklaw


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